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illepo - on 10 Jul 2017
Frequently if I have a day out or weekend away, climbing, hiking, camping, then when I return for the week I'll be ill for 2-4 days. This can happen even if it's relatively warm, and the trip has been quite easy going.
The illness is usually just a brief cold (a runny nose, sneezing, etc.).

I was wondering if anyone else experiences something similar, and whether there's something i'm doing wrong eg diet or lack of something else.

If anyone has any tips or hints then I'd be quite grateful,
balmybaldwin - on 10 Jul 2017
In reply to illepo:

Wouldn't be surprised if it was hayfever.... when you are off work, but at home you don't get it? (probably acclimatised to local pollen etc)

When you go away you will encounter pollen that you aren't used to and could react to it
Xharlie on 10 Jul 2017
In reply to illepo:

Does your office feature that blight called "Air Conditioning?"

I always used to scoff at the idea that air-con makes one sick -- particularly when I lived in Cape Town, where the Summers are really hot. Since I have moved to Germany, however, where the hot-bits in Summer are comparable, I have been living and working in buildings that don't have it and I haven't had so much as a sniffle in 26 months. Extrapolating from this single data-point leads me to conclude that there is some correlation, here.

I used to experience what you describe and, today, I wonder if it wasn't precipitated by the change from the natural outside world to the stale and artificially cooled office climate, where the air has been exhaled multiple times between the wider sky and your lungs, is too dry, and probably was fanned directly down the back of your neck by a ceiling mounted vent above your chair at some point in time.
Dax H - on 10 Jul 2017
In reply to illepo:

Are you eating and drinking correctly?
With work pressures etc I find these days that I need one days rest with plenty to eat and drink at the weekend otherwise I am shattered for the entire following week.
It doesn't help that I tend not to eat or drink much if I am out so I get run down fast.
Siward on 10 Jul 2017
In reply to illepo:

Does this happen after winter trips? If so, that would tend to discount hayfever.

If not, maybe try an antihistamine and see if that helps.
aln - on 10 Jul 2017
In reply to Xharlie:

> Does your office feature that blight called "Air Conditioning?">

Does Xharlie work in an office?

Timmd on 10 Jul 2017
In reply to illepo:

In mountain biking magazines they always recommend eating and sleeping well when exercising, and putting something warm on soon after. I don't know if that's applicable, but it could be worth making sure they're taken care of so you can look at other possibilities?
illepo - on 11 Jul 2017
In reply to illepo:

i bought some antihistamines, i think it's helping!

i wondered about the food thing during the day out, i tend to not have a big appetite when hiking, i'll try take more.
gethin_allen on 11 Jul 2017
In reply to illepo:

It's probably a combination of not eating enough and not sleeping enough.
Who goes to the mountains to wake up late and go to bed early? We work all week then on Friday drive until late, drink until later, sleep on rubbish bunks/in tents with snoring people disrupting our sleep, climb all day, drink all night, sleep badly, climb all day, spend ages travelling and then get up early on Monday to go to work. No wonder Monday is a total write off for work.
ogreville on 11 Jul 2017
In reply to illepo:
This sounds very familiar.
I had a mild cold at least every few weeks for several years. My girlfiend call it my 'monthlies'!

I had blood test etc, thinking it was low immune system (white cell count). All came back normal.

I do suffer for hayfever so i take nasal medication. I finally got a steroid for blocked ears which was causing a build up of matter that lead to bacteria and cold like symptoms. This has worked well.

Do you suffer from poor hearing sometimes? Blocked ear or the feeling that you need to pop them all the time?

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