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Jamie Wakeham 19 Mar 2020

Dear hive mind,

I've just offered to record my pilates instructor's final session before she suspends classes, so that we have something to use in the weeks to come - we're also looking at setting her up to live stream classes, but we'd like to have a pre-recorded one to use if (when) anything goes wrong.

I'm trying to keep this as simple as possible, so I was going to point my Pixel 1 at her and hit record!  Does anyone know if it'll happily just record video for an hour straight?  I have almost 80GB of storage free, and I'll leave it plugged into a power supply.  It seems there used to be limits on the length of an android video but possibly not any more?



climber34neil 19 Mar 2020
In reply to Jamie Wakeham:

I have a pixel 3 and would think that it would be the same as yours in terms of storage methods etc, I used it to film for about an hour and a half which it did but I did notice that when you go into the photo gallery to view it, it was saved in 3 parts, each about 25 mins long

Jamie Wakeham 19 Mar 2020
In reply to climber34neil:

Thanks. I think you're right - both our phones are still running the same version of Android so if yours can do it then I expect mine will too. I'll give it a go and see what happens! 

Jamie Wakeham 22 Mar 2020
In reply to Jamie Wakeham:

Right, well that worked perfectly.  And as you suggested, it's broken it into several files - looks like 23'57" is the maximum file length (some limit to file size, I wonder?) but it's all there.

Next: is there a simple way for me to do the following:

- merge into one file

- get rid of the high frequency hiss (it's not bad, but if I had a graphic eq in front of me I'd be knocking the highest frequencies right down to mask it a bit)

- presumably I need to compress this in order to be able to share it.

What's the simplest way for me to distribute this?  The target audience is a group of older people so ideally something I can email a link that they can click on and it'll just work.  Upload to Youtube?

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.