RIP Cedric Robinson

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 Lankyman 20 Nov 2021

Just found out that Cedric, the longest serving guide to the sands of Morecambe Bay has died, aged 88. Sadly, I never got to do his version of the crossing (usually off the prom at Arnside and out across the Kent estuary over to his house near Grange-over-Sands).

In reply to Lankyman:

I never did Cedric’s route either. The original route is Hest Bank to Kent’s Bank.

I’ve crossed a few times. Walking from Hest Bank to Grange, where we encountered Cedric leading a party somewhere near the Kent estuary. I’ve done the race a couple of times as well, which started at Cark and finished at Hest Bank.

 Slackboot 20 Nov 2021
In reply to Lankyman:

Ah that is sad news. The whole story of Morecambe Bay is fascinating. I always found it quite a scary place when a sea fret was in. The history of all the accidents and disappearances over the years only added to the atmosphere of the place. The stories of the circus disappearing never to be seen again and the one where the owner of a workhouse purposefully marooned young children out there and left them to their fate have always stayed with me. 

 Lankyman 21 Nov 2021
In reply to Slackboot:

You could always tell the great love Cedric had for the Bay and a huge respect for the dangers it presents. As you probably know, he earned his living as a cockle picker. The 2004 disaster when the Chinese pickers died affected him a lot. I was living near the shore when that happened. The recording of the last, desperate phone call one of the victims made as the tide overtook him was heart rending. A modern version of the many tragedies out on the sands.

 John Gresty 21 Nov 2021
In reply to Lankyman:

I have done the crossing with Cedric. I remember feeling very exposed when half way across, a long way from the shore and safety, in all directions.

RIP Cedric


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