Serious Heel Fracture

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 parahiking 09:32 Sun

I suffered a serious heel injury  (calcaneum fracture) 2 weeks ago and have been told by my consultant that my foot will never be the same and will lack the articulation it had before. I wondered if anybody who has had this injury could share their experiences.  I obviously want to get back in the hills but have no idea how my mobility will be affected. Any advice greatly appreciated. 

 Sherlock 11:55 Sun
In reply to parahiking:

I had what sounds like a similar injury about 20 yes ago. I was told to find another sport, that I'd have a permanent limp etc 

Obviously this is a personal experience but after a long couple of months, I could weight it and eventually walk and climb without any issues.Bouldering is my thing mainly and I'm fine with dropping onto a couple of pads.

No problems with mobility.

It aches a little in cold/damp conditions but no more than the rest of me...

Probably preaching to the choir here but do your physio. And keep doing it.This is absolutely paramount for a full recovery.

Sorry if that sounds obvious!

Good luck.

 Fredt 12:07 Sun
In reply to Sherlock:

Depends on the treatment, - was it operated on (mine was, I think that buggered up my foot more than the fracture). Screws?

And yes, do the physio, and don't stop doing it. I think I stopped too early, lack of willpower.

In reply to parahiking:

I've not had your problem but had a knee op. The physio was key to getting back, everybody is saying it but that put me way ahead of what they would normally expect to see. I asked what execises I'd been given that I could increase without doing damage and hit those as hard as I could. Good luck.

 shantaram 12:41 Sun
In reply to parahiking:

I had an identical injury to yours 35 years ago and given a similar prognosis. It took a few months before I was able to become fully mobile and I was very diligent with the physio I was given. 
Since then I’ve led a very active life of mountaineering, climbing, hill walking, biking and running with no significant issues. In recent years my heel/ankle aches in cold and damp conditions and I’ve had to limit the distance and amount of running I do, otherwise I’m limping the following day. I also use poles for both running and walking to help prevent any aches and pains in the foot. 
Good luck with your recovery, don’t neglect your physio and hope you’re back to full fitness as soon as possible. 

In reply to parahiking:

Not first hand but my uncle who at the time I worked with every day broke his heal, it was operated on and he couldn't weight bear on it for 3 months and it was over a year before he was walking and working normally again.

He did a lot of physio. 

In reply to parahiking:

I fell off a high boulder 20 yrs ago and broke both heels, one was more badly mashed than the other. I was in hospital for a week awaiting an operation. They then decided not to operate and to see if they healed naturally. Like other posters I did lots of physio. I was told to expect long term issues, arthritis etc. I am now 59 and have no ill effects at all from this. I am still far more cautious though although perhaps that is an age thing!

 Sherlock 13:49 Sun
In reply to Fredt:

Ah no. I had a very clean break, missed the pad and my heel landed on a small knuckle of embedded stone. I think folk heard the crack in Otley...

Iced and immobilised for about a fortnight then rest and crutches. No operation or screws. Then physio. Great physiotherapist who really understood what I needed.Very hard work but totally worth it. No real problems since.😊

In reply to parahiking:

I broke my heelbone when i was about 25 (left foot missed bouldering pad) Clean break from about 5m. Had surgery and two plates / 4 pins put in permanently. Probably didn't take physio as seriously as i could have but can still walk / climb ok. 8 weeks in a cast and probably that again till i could walk properly and climb. No mobility issues unless it's been a really long day - then i limp a bit the following day until blood gets flowing. Scrunching your toes is so painful when you get out of the cast so i didn't try hard enough. 7 years on and i still can't scrunch my toes as well as i could. 

 parahiking 17:15 Sun

Thanks for the words of encouragement from all these posts.  It has taken a few days to realise what a mess I have made of my foot, but it is good to see it will be possible to do active stuff in the hills again. Scrunching toes, definitely painful! 😭

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