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Philip on 05 Aug 2011
I'm looking to set up about 5 shared calendar accounts for work. Out current e-mail provider will offer hosted Microsoft Exchange accounts, but this means migrating from £50/year for our 20 POP accounts to £50/year/account for exchange and I'd have to migrate 8 people. We don't really need the hosted e-mail - just after the calendaring function.

Anyone know some offering reasonable priced calendar hosting with compatibility for Outlook / Android /iPhone / Nokia. Personally I'd be happy sticking with sharing a calendar on my private e-mail account (gmail) but it seems these are tricky to set up on Outlook and none of my colleagues have private e-mail services that offer calendaring.
Fredt on 05 Aug 2011
In reply to Philip:
We searched for months looking for a way for 5 of us to share a calendar.
Eventually, we set up a hotmail account for the business, e.g.
Then in Outlook we each connected to it as a pop account. Disabled the email, (handled by another ISP, but also handled in Outlook).

We have a Livemail account to access directly to adjust settings etc.

Now this account allows us to share the one calendar, and a contacts list.
We can also have personal (Outlook Calendars), but these do not share, though each can view the personal and shared side by side.

Best solution we have had, and we tried and struggled with Exchange, and Business Contact Manager for years.

And its free.
Philip on 05 Aug 2011
I know there are free options. But in this case I need 5 separate calendars each of which is only editable by the owner but viewable by anyone in the company.

I could just create 5 Gmail accounts for them, but it's not right as Google have specific services for business calendaring - $50/year.

I'm looking to pay for what I want, which is a calendaring service not a full hosted e-mail system.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.