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ripper - on 11 Jul 2013
anyone been? I'm off there this weekend with the mrs (instead of going climbing in the lakes with a bunch of mates - guess where i'd rather be?)

I've heard it can be a bit on the rowdy side in the height of summer but hopefully as the schools aren't out yet we'll be ok. Also heard that as the place is so huge and the terrain so varied, it's all about knowing where the best spots are. We're after peace, quiet and easy access to the beach rather than being as near as poss to facilities. any tips?
Also any recommendations for food/ale nearby, nice gentle-ish walks, anything else to see/do?
JDDD on 11 Jul 2013
In reply to ripper: It is both great and not so great. Yes, it is huge and yes it can get roudy as there is an on-site bar and plenty of large groups to keep business ticking over. Also, don't expect to have a hot shower without having to queue for quite a while. That said, it is huge so you will probably find a hidey hole somewhere and its proximity to the beach make it very well placed.

Not my idea of an ideal place to take the Mrs or family, but you can do a whole lot worse.
Thugitty Jugitty on 11 Jul 2013
In reply to ripper:
A friend of mine attends an annual family get-together there. He calls it Hell Island. Good luck.
ripper - on 11 Jul 2013
In reply to ripper: hmmm - well we haven't booked so could make a swift change of plan if necessary...
Duncan Bourne - on 11 Jul 2013
In reply to ripper:
Last time I was there it had a nudist beach.
FrankBooth - on 11 Jul 2013
In reply to ripper:
For a family camp last year, we stayed at Dinas Caravan/Camping park a couple of miles into the hills up from Llanbedr:

Family-run, child friendly, peaceful, fires permitted, okay amenities

There are so many great beaches between Llanbedr and Barmouth, it was really no hardship to be a couple of miles in land.
Kimono - on 11 Jul 2013
In reply to ripper:
funnily enough i was driving past a few days ago so dropped by to have a look.
It is on the surface the sort of place i would avoid like the plague normally but, its so big that i could see areas far off at the end of the site that had very few people on. Right into the dunes so a nice spot.
In august i wouldn't dream of it...

altirando - on 12 Jul 2013
In reply to ripper: Used to camp there years ago with the family, delightful quiet spots behind the dunes. That was down the far south end, often on wild flowers. I believe it is totally different there now, with even a stage for gigs. The large naturist beach is a few hundred yards south.
ripper - on 12 Jul 2013
In reply to ripper: thanks guys - yes I know about the naturist beach, that's not an issue one way or the other. Also it's just the two of us so we're not especially looking for a site that's child-friendly, just quiet and peaceful. From what I've read I'd avoid shell island in August too but we hoped/thought that next week, with the school summer holidays not started yet, it might be quieter. Sounds like the dunes is the area to head for anyway, if we do go. Any more tips would be welcome!
MattJP - on 12 Jul 2013
In reply to ripper:

I used to go with my mum and dad years ago and we went every year for several years. Back then, late 80's / early 90's it was lovely and quiet, a really nice place. Quiet, and the best bit was no camping within 30m of each other. It was an opportunity for a cheap holiday too if you were on a budget.

It had a snack bar and a mini supermarket, camping shop for everything you have forgotten or broke, and a gift shop. A lovely harbour and great beaches.

I went again for a visit to see family and it still seemed the same, but with a bit more 'busy' noise.

I look at the website now and it looks awful with 'entertainment' and all the crap that goes with it.

Its become so popular with the Argos and Go Outdoors £9.99 'All you need to go camping brigade' that its probably has gone a bit rowdy and 'chavvy'

Its always been a place to avoid in August.

I may take my own family there one day as we now live just over an hour away, and I would love to be proved wrong but there own website makes it look a bit like Butlins!

Such a shame if it has changed that much as it was such a nice relaxing place!

If you go, please report back.
Little Brew - on 12 Jul 2013
In reply to ripper: As it is the camp-site my cousin goes to annually, i will be avoiding it like I avoid chav scum... it is very much the Butlins of the Camping world, but i guess going on scout camp for so many years has spoilt my view of many camp-sites. i get confused on camp-sites that have showers and flushing loos! still there are plenty of better options available if you look elsewhere!
ripper - on 12 Jul 2013
In reply to ripper: well flush loos and showers certainly don't put me off a camp site! hordes of chavs, noise, litter etc would do but as I said we were thinking for the coming week it won't be crowded out like you'd expect once the schools break up. We're leaving in the morning but still might decide on another site yet, or even a completely different area, if the forecast looks markedly better elsewhere...
Kimono - on 12 Jul 2013
In reply to ripper:

ps i do know a campsite up in the hills near there that is heaven!
I was there alone on sunday night with only the sheep for company.

Admittedly basic....a portaloo, a dustbin and, er, thats it!

PM me for details if interested
Steve John B - on 12 Jul 2013
In reply to ripper: Visited Shell Island when we were staying in Barmouth about 3 years ago - wouldn't fancy camping there, just a bit too developed.

Harlech Castle was quite nice, otherwise Portmeirion's not too far away. You don't have to give a toss about The Prisoner to visit!
ripper - on 12 Jul 2013
In reply to Steve John B: I love the Prisoner! done Portmeirion before, and Harlech Castle too, although some years ago now. thanks for your input though
MattJP - on 16 Jul 2013
In reply to ripper:

Did you go? What was it like?

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