Smartphone adaptors for Spotting Scopes

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Anyone got experience with these adaptors, either good or bad. Recommendations for particular ones or "avoid at all costs" reviews. Have you produced good pictures doing this or not. Difficult or easy to use. Anything really that might help me decide whether it's worth getting and advice that might narrow the choice down to an easier decision.

One thing I've noticed (apart from large range of price) is that there appear to be 2 fundamental types; ones with a screw down clamp onto the eyepiece (sort of diamond shape), and ones with a circular clamp onto the eyepiece - pros & cons of the two types.

Thanks in advance, and I can blame willgriggsonfire for this 😁, his photos are nudging me into trying to get some photos myself through my compact spotting scope - although he uses (I believe) a more "professional" setup - proper DSLR and telephoto lens.

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Bump - anyone?

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Just treat yourself to the real thing

 Tom V 30 Apr 2021
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One of my scopes has a 1.25"  removable eyepiece so i can also use my astronomy eyepieces in it. It also means that the M4/3 T adapters I use with my refractor can be used to mate up a M4/3 camera with the little scope. Unfortunately even though they match up physically I can't find focus  and would need to find the shortest  tubed T adapter I could buy.

My best option is the same as that of Chris Craggs ( but a lot cheaper). A modern bridge camera can be bought for a couple of hundred quid, the zoom ranges are impressive  because of the small sensor. The image quality can suffer because of this but unless you are exhibiting or selling, an A4 limit is good enough for private use, I think. The package is always ready, no changing lenses and worries about dust, more bells and whistles than I will ever learn to use, ( I usually leave it in the " i for idiot" mode).

The two main weaknesses in my particular camera , Lumix FZ82, are that at  very long focal lengths the autofocus does seem to hunt around a lot, and there is no B function at all. 

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.
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