SN15 History made or RUD ?

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It's SN15's turn up on the world stage possibly from today onwards .

Now will it stick the landing or are we in for another spectacular RUD ?

Apparently lots of upgrades to these next models so fingers crossed.


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In reply to Astropath:

Let's hope we can at least see what happens this time! Good luck to the team over there. 

 wintertree 08:31 Mon
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I missed this thread on Friday.

I’ve been enjoying the Texas sunrises on Nerdle.

This could be the one.

 wintertree 09:15 Mon
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Not rockets but aviation related.  I've finally got round to hooking up an RTL-SDR unit with a 1090 MHz notch filter and some ADS-B code.  I've started putting some software on top of it all to predict the point of closest approach to the Wintertree bunker along with the time.  I'm impressed at the range of it - the generic antenna is in a west facing window and can hear from flights all the way over the lakes; I'll get a proper antenna up in to the rafters.

Next up is a go at triangulating the cloud base with a pair of cameras to squelch anything not likely to be visible.

Presumably Starship is going to have to carry a transponder for Earth to Earth flights (if you believe in those), so I've got a few years yet to get an Alt-Az mount in to track it with a decent zoom lens before it starts making overflights on the way to Europe...

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 Tom V 09:22 Mon
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At the state of current supply in the UK you might well need to wait  that few  years to be able to buy any sort of alt az mount

Been waiting to replace mine since well before Christmas.

 wintertree 09:39 Mon
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Interesting, I had no idea there was a shortage!  I was hoping to make a suitably low-fi one using some stepper motors as I won’t need the smooth tracking of astrophotography.  

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Bump ,bang or pop ? 

 wintertree 20:04 Wed
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Why doesn’t “fast forward” work on live streams?!?

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Why don't live streams live stream...? I'm getting YouTube buffering...

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This is going to be a late one if it goes today.

 wintertree 23:37 Wed
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Missed it.

Flew.  Landed. Having a bit of a fire.

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It seemed a much shorter flight than the others, but maybe that was because it was out of view most of the time.

Great to see it on its legs, upright, and now looks like they've got the fire out.

I suppose it can still topple, or explode...

 wintertree 23:53 Wed
In reply to captain paranoia:

Looks like they did the flip to vertical higher up and came in more gently for the landing; deeper throttling on these engines?  I thought the engine bay looked a lot smarter as well on the video.

Speaking of videos, a lot more problems with the feeds; also some  with an IP address showing at times; I wonder if it was coming via Starlink?  They got permission to fly an antenna on the rocket...

In reply to wintertree:

New generation of engine. You can see the turbomachinery has moved and the plumbing is very different. And they're green! Seemed to gimbal a lot further too.

Not convinced it flipped any higher. We'll see from the video edits that will probably come out today from nsf et al, but it would be really detrimental to lengthen the landing burn any more.

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