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Something on Donald Trump, by niece Mary Trump

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 Timmd 26 Jul 2020


It's a half an hour interview with Mary Trump who is a clinical psychologist, who talks about Donald Trump's father being a sociopath and mother quite emotionally distant, and goes into some of the family history behind how Trump became the figure he is.

She's published a book, too. It's not a bad use of half an hour while tidying up, to give it a listen.

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 Rob Parsons 26 Jul 2020
In reply to Timmd:

STOP PRESS: Trump Possibly Not Entirely Well-Balanced Man.

Question: what's the author doing with the royalties of the book you're shilling here?

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In reply to Timmd:

I'm reading her book at the moment. It's a good, intelligent read. But the subject matter very depressing.

 freeflyer 27 Jul 2020
In reply to Gordon Stainforth:

I've no intention of reading the book given the subject matter, but I'd be interested in your conclusions about her motivations and any possible insight she might have over and above what is available publicly, which might make me change my mind!


 wbo2 27 Jul 2020
In reply to freeflyer:

There's currently an interview with her on 'Fresh Air' on NPR that's very worth listening to.  You can decide after that if it's worth buying 

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