/ Supination - any UKC advice?

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sbc_10 - on 05 Oct 2013
Hello folks, yes.. supination, didn't know what it was until I broke two of my metatarsals and the physio said that a stress fracture was a likely outcome or inevitable from the way I walked.
I notice now that my right ankle ( which would have been the stronger one initially) is prone to giving way if I balance on an edge of a rock or perch on a cobbled stone. Walking across a slope that falls away to the right almost requires french technique crampon style footwork. Not good for mountain days and running.

Anybody suffer from supination and has found a good solution?

Many thanks, Sean.
llechwedd on 05 Oct 2013
In reply to sbc_10:
Supination is merely a description of the position of the foot.
The cause will need to be identified to permit a solution.
Ask your physio or try a podiatrist for an assessment.

There's plenty of basic education & advice on the internet.

Until you've had a proper assessment, all you can do is avoid overloading it.
In essence, you're looking at footwear that constrains the tendency to roll onto the outside of your foot. Go for boots with good lateral stability- i.e. supportive at ankles, with soles that don't easily twist when you try and 'wring them out'
Although grossly oversimplified, think of the problem as the tendons either side of you ankle being like the reins controlling a horse- unless you have effective control of movement on both sides then the thing's going to veer off.
sbc_10 - on 07 Oct 2013
In reply to llechwedd:

Thanks llechwedd,

yes the podiatrist appointment is 6 weeks away and I was hoping that I could help the situation in the mean time rather than wait and delay.

Good strong boots with high ankle support and stiff lateral flex have always been top of my preference list for outdoor activity.
I like your suggestion on stiff insoles. Funnily enough I had never thought about stiffness in them, more of comfort and impact absorption.
I am trying to walk differently in my normal stride pattern and correct the outward veering tendency by bringing the big toe into play more. But it is difficult to maintain a new gait as it can begin to look like the ministry of silly walks.

Thanks again.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.