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Otis - on 07 Nov 2013
Last night I watched 'The Crash Reel' on TV. It's an astonishing feature length documentary about the life of professional snowboarder Kevin Pearce both before and after the accident that nearly killed him. Exhilarating, moving, heart wrenching, uplifting and tragic.... I was a bit of a mess after watching it if I'm honest!

It's only just been premiered and is winning awards at various film festivals (and might be being shown at Kendal?) but it certainly raised some interesting questions about adventure sports. It's one of the best things I've seen in years and, like the Senna film, you won't need to be interested in the sport to appreciate the film.

If you've got Sky I can't recommend it highly enough - it's on Sky Atlantic Channel a few more times this week.

GerryC - on 07 Nov 2013
In reply to Otis:

I couldn't agree more.

I wasnt sure what to expect but what I watched was moving and considered. As you say, it raised interesting questions about some adventure sports.

My 16 yr old goes down to Cairngorm every winter week to do freestyle skiing and tries to emulate his idols doing backflips etc leaving his mother and I with knotted guts at home.

But what an amazing young man Kevin Pearce is and what an incredibly close and supportive family he has.

Fabulous documentary.
robw007 - on 11 Nov 2013
In reply to Otis:

Yep - watched this last night - pretty amazing. Its extremely moving around the time when he begins to want to come back to competitive snow boarding - the wrench between the pain his family has been through versus his need to feel the adrenalin again is heart wrencing and something most climbers will have some empathy with - on all sides.
JakeWShaw on 12 Nov 2013
In reply to Otis: Watched yesterday and can definitely recommend, made for pretty sobering viewing at times.

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