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Aly - on 12 Mar 2018

Hi all,

I'm hoping the collective wisdom of UKC can help me here.  My wife and I are moving out to Australia to work for a year (or so), leaving in a few weeks. We are flying the 'wrong' way and going via the States to see some friends, spending a week in New York and a week in California before carrying on to Australia.

I've been trying to arrange travel (medical) insurance for us whilst we are in the USA but all the single trip policies I can find have a condition that 'you are intending to travel back to the UK' which we are not (well, not imminently anyway).  We shouldn't need health cover in Australia as we will have a certain amount of reciprocal rights, and will be paying into Medicare through our salaries anyway but I don't want to risk being in the USA without good medical insurance.

Has anyone done something similar, or have any suggestions?  Would an annual multi-trip policy taken out now, whilst we're still UK residents at least cover us whilst we were in the States if, god forbid, something was to happen?

marsbar - on 12 Mar 2018
In reply to Aly:

Have you tried an insurance broker?


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Aly - on 16 Mar 2018
In reply to marsbar:

Tried a quite few brokers with no luck, and then one put me onto Citybond Suretravel who do a very reasonable one-way policy which covers me.  I also found World Nomads who will cover you if you are travelling, or even residing and working out of the UK at the time.

Thanks for the advice.

La benya - on 18 Mar 2018
In reply to Aly:

Try an Australian broker. 


English insurance will assume you would want want to be brought back to the uk should anything happen to you. It’ll pay for emergency care and then repatriation to continue your care rather than pay American rates. 

I would have thought Aussie insurance would be the same and seeing as you’re planning on going there after....

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