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I run the quiz in the village and I always have a round that is slightly esoteric, but I've run out of ideas after all this time. I've had quantum physics, gangsta rap, medieval torture instruments, WWE wrestling, and the Siege of Malta in 1565.

Any (non climbing) suggestions?

In reply to Frank the Husky:

British funicular railways

In reply to Tom Valentine:

Tom! What a great idea, love it.

In reply to elsewhere:

I like the "name as many X in one minute" idea.

In reply to Frank the Husky:

Vanished villages.


Hungry Bently.

In reply to Frank the Husky:

One of my puerile ticking pastimes....

 compost 14:59 Tue
In reply to Frank the Husky:

Put some objects on a tray. Give each team a minute to look at them, cover the tray up and give them a minute to remember as many as they can. 

 ExiledScot 15:28 Tue
In reply to Frank the Husky:

Odd one out, with pictures, music etc.. which isn't a van Gogh, which track wasn't written by x, which isn't a 90s number 1 record, which place isn't a city, in a certain county.... 

 jdh90 15:33 Tue
In reply to Frank the Husky:

Questions with exactly two answers.  Which two countries have square flags? Which two spices come from the mystrica tree? 

Guess the city/country from the Google maps street view. The 25th April bridge in Portugal looks quite a lot like the Golden Gate in San Francisco.

I whistle/hum/play the song, you guess what it was supposed to be.

 TMM 15:39 Tue
In reply to Frank the Husky:

I ran a pub quiz in my local village for about 5-6 years.

I enjoyed throwing in some random rounds as well as always providing a 'homework' sheet. This was a page of questions that teams could work through over the course of the evening. I normally had photos that needed to identify such as 'Famous bridges' (always put Jeff, Kevin or Beau) in that one!), flags, landmarks, dog breeds, dictators, love island winners etc... Dingbats were also popular.

In summer when we had lots of tourists I would keep the regulars happy with a 'This is a local round, for local people. This would ask questions which could only be answered by the locals. How many footbridges between village A and village B. What was the full name of our last postman? Give me at least two of the previous trading names of the supermarket now called X. What type of tree overhangs the war memorial etc... Always popular with the locals and you could still have some fun with tourists.

Music rounds with a theme were nice and made it more interesting. Songs all feature a girl's name or animals, colours etc...

I'm feeling nostalgic now, might get back into it again.

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 Lankyman 15:39 Tue
In reply to Frank the Husky:

A sheet of paper with outline shapes of countries on - name the country

In reply to Lankyman:

I think my brother once did a similar thing with Peak District reservoirs ( though it was a bit of a specialist audience)

 aln 16:02 Tue
In reply to Frank the Husky:

Which recorded song holds the record for saying f"ck the most times?

 kathrync 16:52 Tue
In reply to Frank the Husky:

I quite enjoyed the "cheese, apple or service station" option in the Reddit link above.

That reminded me of another old classic, "my little pony or p*rn star". I'm not going to Google that one to look for examples while I am on my work network...

 alx 17:29 Tue
In reply to Frank the Husky:

Esoteric indie band name Or Aldi Middle Aisle product!

 abh 17:39 Tue
In reply to Frank the Husky:

Play a 2/3 minute clip of a film, soundtrack, cartoon - whatever really. Ask some questions..

ie what hand was x holding the pint of beer in, how many people were sitting in the blue car...what was the name of the grocers etc etc

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 deepsoup 18:18 Tue
In reply to alx:

> Esoteric indie band name Or Aldi Middle Aisle product!

Scandinavian death metal band or Ikea product!

 girlymonkey 18:26 Tue
In reply to Frank the Husky:

Dingbats is always good. 

I have once seen "Shakespeare or King James Bible" where you had to identify which quotes came from which. Harder than you would think.

Brand identification, so close up on part of a brand logo and work out which logos are which. 

 SNC 18:33 Tue
In reply to Frank the Husky:

Assuming you can show photos, or hand them out -

Get some photos of famous people (eg the late Queen, some pop star, Paddington, ...) wearing a hat, edit so only the hat remains, and show the photo.  The question is "who's wearing the hat?"  It's more of a puzzle than you might think, and gets a laugh when you show the full picture.

 Darron 19:37 Tue
In reply to compost:

Kim’s game!

 ablackett 19:51 Tue
In reply to Frank the Husky:

Here's a good one,

The answer to these questions are spoonerisms, a phrase repeated with its initial sounds swapped. Thus the answer to “What’s the difference between a lovely glove and a small, silent cat”?” is “One’s a cute mitten, and one’s a mute kitten.”

What’s the difference between:

a) a martial arts star and unpackaged French cheese?

b) an intrigued visitor to our shores and someone angrily holding an inquest into a death?

c) the jewellery of Vermeer’s painted girl and an aristocratic Peeping Tom?

Answers here.....

Or something like this, branches of mathematics.

Delete the branch of mathematics and read the definition.

In reply to Tom Valentine:

> British funicular railways

That's a great idea. I participate in a winter online fortnightly quiz where each team does a round with the quizmaster answering the teams rounds. It started during covid and has continued. I was the quizmaster for the first couple of years when it was weekly and it's amazing how quickly you can run out of questions.

I'd like to stretch your idea to funiculars around the globe. Valparaiso, Hong Kong, Baku, there's loads of them. Ideal for a picture round.

In reply to twentytwoangrymen:

Started to tick a few French ones. Portugal sounds good. Problem in UK  is closures and keeping up to date with seasonal runnings  but it's taken me to a few places i wouldn't normally have visited otherwise.

 Tringa 21:15 Tue
In reply to Tom Valentine:

Following on from Lankyman's suggestion of naming countries from an outline map there is the round that appears on Richard Osman's House of Games -

Eg An outline map of US states and the teams have to mark where various things are or events took place, such as where is Mount Rushmore? where did the first flight by the Wright Brother take place?


In reply to aln:

I'm going for hot dog, limp bizkit 

In reply to Frank the Husky:

Go and watch "Shooting Stars" / "Never Mind the Buzzcocks" / "QI" for some inspiration?

Film re-makes / song covers / European rivers?

In reply to Frank the Husky:

Complete the limerick - give first 2 lines, funniest answer wins.

 jonfun21 22:14 Tue
In reply to Frank the Husky:

Our friends did a round during Covid where they said “our cat weighs x kg” they then named various objects (e.g. a ford fiesta) and you had to guess how many cats were the same weight - surprisingly fun/thought provoking

 FactorXXX 22:30 Tue
In reply to Frank the Husky:

What currency is used in a particular country.
National Animals (The UK home nations seem to have a somewhat tongue in cheek approach to theirs...).
The weird and wonderful world of weights and measures.

In reply to Frank the Husky:

Service stations on British motorways.  Closed breweries.  Car brands that used to be part of British Leyland.  The first satellites to land on planets.  Types of tits (birds).  Types of boobies (also birds).  Types of peckers (birds again).  Countries where pyramids have been built.  Ministers that resigned from Margaret Thatcher's cabinets.  Types of skirts.  Nationalities of winners of the London marathon.  B sides of number one singles.  Islands in the Mediterranean.  Things found in areas of London that appear on the Monopoly board.

I could go on, but my glass is empty.  Good luck!


 FactorXXX 22:50 Tue
In reply to Frank the Husky:

Name the animal from its binomial nomenclature classification.

In reply to FactorXXX:

Great idea, Puffinus Puffinus being the obvious trick question. 

In reply to Frank the Husky:

Anything from the OEC on who trades the most in various things.

 mark20 23:57 Tue
In reply to Frank the Husky:

I remember a particularly interesting round of 'Gandalf or Gandi' quotes 

Presumably other variations exists

 aln 02:53 Wed
In reply to climber34neil:


In reply to Frank the Husky:

Famous people's first names.

As it says... famous person who doesn't go by their first name and the answer is their first name.

It's really really really insanely difficult, so maybe it can be used as a fill out the answers sort of thing during a break between "real"  rounds or something.

1) Boris Johnson... hint: Boris is his middle name (now people will understand the round)

2) Cliff Richard

3) Paul McCartney

4) Brad Pitt

5) Sean Connery 

6) Kevin Keegan

7) Rihanna

8) Sylvester Stalone

9) Reese Witherspoon

10) Queen Victoria

1 Alexander, 2 Harry, 3 James, 4 William, 5 Thomas, 6 Joseph, 7 Robyn, 8 Michael, 9 Laura, 10 Alexandrina

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In reply to Frank the Husky:

We did General Knowledge - general anything 

General theory of relativity, general motors, Washington generals, general hospital, general Parton etc etc 

 mbh 10:47 Wed
In reply to Frank the Husky:

Maps of fictional places eg Gotham City, Hundred Acre Wood, Treasure Island, Westeros etc. Can the teams identify them?

 Ridge 13:03 Wed
In reply to Frank the Husky:

Dead or Alive, is the reasonably famous person named in the quiz dead or alive?

A year in the life. Take a famous person, Isaac Newton, Genghis Khan etc. A point for picking a year when that person was alive.

In reply to Frank the Husky:

Motorway Service station or cheese

 RBonney 16:09 Wed
In reply to Frank the Husky:

A pub quiz I attended at uni had a wipe out round. If you got a question wrong you got no points for that round. Not answering a question didn't count as an incorrect answer. 

In reply to Frank the Husky:

Actresses who have done Woody Allen and/or MCU films but have never been nominated for an Oscar. It’s a niche triple Venn Diagram 

In reply to Frank the Husky:

Oxfordshire village or posh actor 

In reply to deepsoup:

Give a Swedish word and guess if it is "Swedish swear or Ikea chair."

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