Unwanted Amazon parcel

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 Lankyman 08:21 Thu

Got back from work yesterday to find I have an Amazon parcel that's not for me. The postcode isn't mine and doesn't seem to match up with the address shown. The accompanying note doesn't help - no phone or email. Does anyone know if there's any way to contact Amazon to get them to collect it? I don't really want to go round knocking on doors.

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Amazon once sent me a copy of No Doubt’s greatest hits by mistake. I didn’t want it, they didn’t want it back. I don’t even think the charity shop wanted it. The very definition of junk mail…

 Lankyman 08:32 Thu
In reply to no_more_scotch_eggs:

But how did you know Amazon didn't want it back? I've got no contact details at all (short of opening the parcel).

In reply to Lankyman:

I used to get a regular delivery of Glue Sticks - never ordered them but always addressed to me.  Apparently a way to get legitimate reviews into Amazon, someone sets up a dummy account, buys things in that name / address and then can put a review against it.  Stopped getting them after about 4 deliveries (one every 6 months or so).

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> Amazon once sent me a copy of No Doubt’s greatest hits by mistake. I didn’t want it, they didn’t want it back. I don’t even think the charity shop wanted it. The very definition of junk mail…

I'll have it.  I like No Doubt. (And Gwen Stefani).

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In reply to Lankyman:

They don’t make it easy, I ordered something the other day and i had a notification that it was delivered, not to me it wasn’t but it took me quite a while to find a way of letting them know having to try lots of googling rather than the Amazon website.

After that the refund process was quick, maybe you have my package? 😏

In reply to Lankyman:

Without doing it through your own account (if you have one), it is not easy to contact Amazon.

You could try 020 7084 7911/0800 279 7234 which are supposed to be their HQ customer service centre phone numbers according to wikihow website (I’ve never tried those numbers).

 Nic Barber 09:03 Thu
In reply to Lankyman:

There has been report of a 'brushing' scam being used by 3rd party sellers on Amazon. Might it be that?

A google came up with this:

 Lankyman 09:24 Thu
In reply to Nic Barber:

Doesn't seem like this? The parcel isn't addressed to me and the postcode isn't mine. It's most likely a dozy delivery driver. The number of the address is the same as mine. When I used Google satnav on the postcode it doesn't match to where the postal address seems to be. I'm blowed if I'm wasting my precious time swanning around door knocking for Amazon!

 deepsoup 09:45 Thu
In reply to Lankyman:

> Doesn't seem like this? The parcel isn't addressed to me and the postcode isn't mine. It's most likely a dozy delivery driver.

I was about to suggest the same, except that it's equally likely to be a horribly stressed and pressed for time delivery driver with an app cracking the whip threatening to dock them a week's wages because they got stuck in traffic for a few minutes and then needed a wee.  Jeff Bezos didn't get his own personal sub-orbital space dildo by letting pseudo-self-employed gig economy delivery drivers make minimum wage.

I suppose it could be both a scam and a delivery that's gone astray.  Does the correct postcode for the address match the postcode on the thing closely enough that it could just be a typo?  I'd probably not bother trying to contact Amazon and just drop it round to the correct address myself if it wasn't too far away.

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In reply to Lankyman:

Sorry can’t remember. Too long ago. In fact I think that one might have been addressed to me, which was even stranger. But after that we got a small plastic chest of drawers which was definitely sent to the wrong person. Amazon didn’t want that back either. The person who ordered it must have then ordered it again, and the same thing happened. They didn’t want that one back either. We kept one but two was excessive…

I think I reported them through my account, but my memory for that sort of detail is atrocious. 

In reply to Andy Gamisou:

Sorry- it’s long gone, I got rid of all my CDs a few years back.

(and I don’t actually mind them- Don’t Speak and What You Waiting For? are classics…)

 John Gresty 10:14 Thu
In reply to Lankyman:

Had a similar situation last Xmas, managed to get in contact with Amazon by E.Mail, but cannot remember how but it took a lot of trawling to find an E.Mail address.. They did reply by E Mail telling me to keep the parcel. So I opened the package, it was obviously a childs present, therefore I did ask round a couple of nearby families but none had any knowledge of a missing parcel. Still got it.


In reply to no_more_scotch_eggs:

> Sorry- it’s long gone, I got rid of all my CDs a few years back.

Ha yes - "gramophone grandad!".  Must admit I'd have to go up into the loft and grub around for something capable of playing it.  Can't say I miss CDs which were not as indestructible as I seem to recall the likes of Tomorrow's World claiming back in the seventees (I guess), and tapes even less.   Wish I'd hung onto my vinyl though.

 Cobra_Head 10:47 Thu
In reply to Andy Gamisou:

> I'll have it.  I like No Doubt. (And Gwen Stefani).

What's a Gwenste Fani?

In reply to Andy Gamisou:

I ripped all my CDs into MP3 a few years ago when my last car with a CD player went and the new car just had SD card slots.

The CDs are still in the garage as a backup, though - maybe they'll become collectible at some point, many of them are limited edition ones.

 Toccata 10:53 Thu
In reply to Lankyman:

This happens a lot to us. Due to the vagaries of roads spanning a large postcode, delivery drivers dump packages for addresses they can’t find on our doorstep as we are the last house on a dead end road. We used to deliver to the addresses we knew but from around 2017 we were redistributing 3 or 4 packages a day. We now email the various companies. DPD and UPS collect but we keep getting emails from Amazon telling us to print a return label and take it to a post office. As we refuse we have quite a collection of packages that gets dumped back into the Amazon van if we happen to catch it.

 scotthldr 10:54 Thu
In reply to Cobra_Head:

Welsh female private parts?

 coldfell 10:58 Thu
In reply to Lankyman:

Open it, the correct address might be on an invoice inside, this happened to me.

 ThunderCat 11:11 Thu
In reply to Andy Gamisou:

> I'll have it.  I like No Doubt. (And Gwen Stefani).

A total tangent, but I once got a Christmas themed desk calendar and every month had a celebrity name with a christmas pun on it.

August was a picture of a turkey in a blond wig and the title "Gwen Stuff-ani".

It's the only month  I can remember. 

 Lankyman 11:41 Thu
In reply to ThunderCat:

This made me laugh but still not got the parcel sorted. Thanks for the varied responses. It's as I think - basically, the throwaway society with masses of stuff going everywhere that not even the delivery system cares about much. As I said up thread, the postcode doesn't match the address given and I'm not inclined to do Amazon's work for them, knocking on every likely combo of code/address. Sooner or later, the intended recipients will notice and (presumably) get another one delivered. I went to the website to 'track your delivery' but it was asking me to log in. As I don't have an Amazon account (or want one) I sacked that approach off as well.

In reply to Lankyman:

For right or wrong (mostly for wrong) Amazon won't want it back.  They will just deliver another to the person who ordered it, or they'll lose if they gave the wrong address.  There isn't really any way to deal with it per-se.

If it fits in a postbox and there's a return address on it, you could perhaps put "wrongly addressed return to sender" on it and chuck it in, though if it wasn't delivered by RM there will be postage due on receipt and so it'll probably just get binned by the Royal Mail rather than you.

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 deepsoup 11:48 Thu
In reply to ThunderCat:

> A total tangent, but ...

Tangent squared, but this is the poultry themed novelty calendar a lot of people I know would be getting as a present if it wasn't quite so expensive:

 Cobra_Head 12:29 Thu
In reply to scotthldr:

> Welsh female private parts?

Sounds like a tasty pasty. There's lovely.

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In reply to Lankyman:

I ordered a book from Amazon Prime that was sent out by Book Depository. Today I received via Royal Mail a slim envelope with no book, but a wrapper that says "Our sincere apologies: we're very sorry the enclosed item has reached you in this condition... you may be able to claim for your loss... Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience or upset this incident might have caused". 

Inside there is a 75 GBP wine voucher from Naked Wines instead of the 56 GBP book that I ordered. I don't have any need for a wine voucher.

Looks as though I have been scammed.

 hokkyokusei 13:27 Thu
In reply to Andy Gamisou:

> I'll have it.  I like No Doubt. (And Gwen Stefani).

I'd have it too, but I already have it. Two copies would be one too many.

In reply to Lankyman:

For the second time in 2 nights, I've had a delivery driver attempt to deliver someone else's takeaway to our house. Typically, just after we've finished our own dinner.

I know the house numbering around here is mental, but the number on our door is big enough - in fact, it's both on the door (from the builders) and also on a nice slate plaque that we put next to the door.

 Wingnut 23:17 Fri
In reply to LastBoyScout:

Want to swap for whoever it was designed the Amazon Lockers ... but failed to appreciate that a substantial proportion of the users are under 6ft tall?

The local delivery driver is either very tall, hates me, or both. Thankfully a neighbour came past with a small relative in tow, so we took an ankle each, boosted the little kid into the offending locker, and retrieved the parcel that way. Said kid may have gone home with choccie buttons ...

In reply to Wingnut:

> Said kid may have gone home with choccie buttons ...

Can't trust the thieving little bastards not to nick your choccie buttons, eh...?

Surely Amazon lockers count as buildering. what grade would it go at...?

 Wingnut 00:28 Sat
In reply to captain paranoia:

If somone's been considerate enough to leave a lower locker open, then V0. Otherwise, use of a small child probably counts as aid.

 henwardian 10:31 Sat
In reply to Lankyman:

My 2 cents: Send amazon an e-mail with the parcel information and give them a set of dates and times you will be at home if they fancy picking it up. They might ask you to post it back with a free-return label they send you but I think it's reasonable to tell them that that would be wasting your time so they can collect it or abandon it.

If they haven't picked it up after a month, just take it as yours and use it/sell it/donate it depending on what you find when you open it. 

 Maggot 10:35 Sat
In reply to Maggot:

> Just chuck it in the bin

The Greenpeace article didn't give you pause for thought, then...?

 Lankyman 12:35 Sat
In reply to henwardian:

I haven't spotted any contact details on the package or note left by the driver. I've already spent some time trying to work out the correct delivery address without definite results. I'll see if there's a contact on the Amazon website but I'm not joining up just to log on if that's what it takes.

 Iamgregp 12:37 Sat
In reply to Maggot:

Absolutely right, keep it or sell it, they’re not interested in getting it to its rightful owner.

Had a mate who was a courier and he was told in no uncertain terms that if they finished their round and still had stuff left over (that shouldn’t have been on his van) to absolutely not bring them back to the depot as it’s too much hassle…

Keep them, sell them, give them to friends and family or even chuck them, just don’t bring it back we’re trying instructions!

Made me feel less bad about selling those 2 x Elvis box sets that arrived at my house recently…

In reply to Lankyman:

As far as I'm aware, most Amazon returns never get re-shelved or sent to the correct recipient, they get bundled up in "job lots" which are then auctioned off. A mate of mine has bought a couple of said "job lots" for specific things included in them, then had the hassle of offloading the rest. Not sure if he broke even.

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