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gingerdave13 - on 23 May 2012
Just a question of neighbourly understanding really..

Had a supply pipe leak for almost 3 weeks now, reported it to the water board who came out after 2wks and dug a shoddy hole, cut through a electricity cable and then departed not fixing the leak.

Got an external plumber co to quote and it's now booked in for tuesday (earliest possible). Neighbour has been aware of the issues we've had with this.

Unfortunately when the hole was dug, the flow of water is such that it's heading more towards her property now (previously was all towards ours). She's just had a new damp proof course installed and i think is a bit antsy.

This morning came round and asked that we sort it out. Since i'm no plumber and don't exactly have a supply of sandbags what is she expecting? I may be able to 'direct' the flow towards a drain, but it's not like i'm going to create an irrigation ditch in concrete...

I've made all reasonable efforts to have this fixed promptly (it's not like I like having a water leak on my property). Am i being unreasonable or is she just venting off.

p.s convo was to my missus after i'd left this morning, but it wasn't a slanging match.
nniff - on 23 May 2012
In reply to gingerdave13:

I would say that she's being entirely reasonable. After all, had she had some people in who had dug a messy hole, cut the power and then left, leaving water heading towards your property where previously there was none, wouldn't you go round and make some form of representation, regardless of whether she was a plumber or not? You would at least want to know what her intentions were and to what extent the problem was likely to worsen an dwhat the timescale for rectification was.
gingerdave13 - on 23 May 2012
In reply to nniff: it's just a bit odd seeing as we'd had a discussion with her last night saying the plumber was coming round to fix.

to then come round this morning and ask us to do something about it would smack of a short term memory problem!?
highclimber - on 23 May 2012
In reply to gingerdave13: is the hole they dug on your property I.E. the leak too? if not then direct her toward the water company as they are the ones who've created the problem. if it is on your land then I'd suggest talking to a solicitor and your insurers just incase things get messy.
gingerdave13 - on 23 May 2012
In reply to highclimber: it's a bit iffy on this. the hole is on our property, but it would seem the leak is v.likely to be on the cusp of the boundry to 'joint' land.

Furthermore we're terraced and the supply pipe comes between our two houses, splits and then runs along the back. This leak is before our house outside stopcock and therefore should be waterboard maintained
dazq - on 24 May 2012
In reply to gingerdave13:
Is the leak in the pipe before it splits ? If so, I'd defo get the waterboard back out as it's their repsonsibility to fix and make good (you're only responsible for the bit that only suplies your house an is inside your property boundary).

Wonko The Sane on 24 May 2012 - whois?
In reply to gingerdave13: Possibly just that she's noticed some effect on her property which she hadn't noticed at the last conversation? Or maybe a friend of hers has highlighted a possible issue and this has focused her mind where before she was relaxed.

Maybe she just slept badly.
Bottom line though, she is dealing with fallout from a problem of yours so if it were me I'd just be a bit understanding of her grouchyness and get it fixed.

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