/ Well sore elbows - after decorating

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rubbercrumb - on 03 Jan 2014
Not in all my years climbing have I had sore elbows.

Then I do some decorating for a day - lots of skimming - and the tendons on the top side of my forearms going into my elbows still kill three weeks later.

What can I do to fix myself? The woman in Boots tried to sell me Deep Heat and Instant Freeze which left me confused...

Ian Carr - on 03 Jan 2014
In reply to rubbercrumb:
DIY is the worst type of climbing injury.

Sounds like typical tennis elbow. Search the forums for the remedial exercises. Stretches and the one with the weighted broom handle seems to work best. There is a good article and explanation in UKC

jimjimjim on 03 Jan 2014
In reply to rubbercrumb:
Skimming? decorating? Sure you don't mean plastering?
Martin Bennett - on 04 Jan 2014
In reply to rubbercrumb:

Ah, sounds like tennis elbow, also known as painter's elbow, and that's how I got it. Goes to prove my theory that DIY is for losers and is ruining the economy by denying skilled craftsmen their fair share of the liquid assets coursing around the veins of the UK. Next time you reach for a paintbrush/trowel/hammer/screwdriver et al think again and get a man in. I always do nowadays and am happier for it.

A climber/optician friend of mine advised me of a treatment that had worked for him whilst at the same time giving my wife an eye test. His remedy worked for my elbows, but she had to take the resultant spectacles back twice!

The (self administered) treatment that worked for me and him is: first gently massage the outer arm ACROSS it, not up and down, thus engendering warmth; next apply a hot water bottle for ten minutes - more warmth and comfort; finally: take your squeezy exercise thing of choice - gripmaster, tennis ball, whatever and gently exercise with bent elbow. Stop if any discomfort. Gradually, as it becomes comfortable to do so, increase the exercise and straighten the arm during it.

Of course if what you've got isn't tennis elbow this is all irrelevant.

If all else fails . . . . get a man in!
gethin_allen on 04 Jan 2014
In reply to rubbercrumb:

I misread the thread title at first as "well sore eyebrows" and was wondering what on earth you could have done to your eyebrows while decorating.
rubbercrumb - on 04 Jan 2014
In reply to Martin Bennett:

Thanks for taking the time to reply. Helpful and entertaining. 10/10.

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