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IMA - on 15 Nov 2012
Hey, I was just after some advice on where to live and where not to live in and around Lancaster. I have to move up there for 5 months to work a the university. I would prefer to live somewhere between 5/10 miles so I could cycle to work if possible, though will have my car,

Thanks in advance
Carolyn - on 15 Nov 2012
In reply to IMA:

Haven't lived there for years, but parents still do. I think most places on the south side of the city would suit you fine (Scotforth, Bowerham, Hala, Primrose, etc) and nowhere really dodgy on that side that I can think of off hand. Easy cycling in from there - brave the A6, or there's a cycle path. There's lots of fairly cheap terraced housing, though parking can be a bit of a nightmare if you'll have a car.

Galgate would be another possibility (on A6 south of the uni), but less options for social life!
CharlieW on 15 Nov 2012
In reply to IMA:

Do you want to live in Lancaster it self or a surrounding village?

There is a good cycle way between the south part of Lancaster and the university.
Fluvial - on 15 Nov 2012
In reply to IMA:

Whilst at Uni there found some great little villages like Caton, Barbon and others however there is some climbing over at Warton Crag nice place to, you'll enjoy it.
benka - on 15 Nov 2012
In reply to fozmeister: avoid Skerton, cheap but rough!
IMA - on 15 Nov 2012
In reply to CharlieW: I don't really mind if it is inside or outside the city. Just after a nice area with a decent food/drink place close enough for lazy nights.

Not sure how much of a social life I will have and how much will just be getting out on the either mtb or road bike. Even if I do go out I am used to £30 taxi for where I live now.

Probably should have said budget will be around 800-1k/pm for preferable a 2 bedroom house/flat.

Thanks for the replies
CharlieW on 15 Nov 2012
In reply to IMA:

£30 for Taxi probably just gets you as far south as Garstang. While it has a lot of pubs the night life isn't amazing. Depending on how rural you want you could look at Dolphin Holme, Abbeystead, Quernmore, Scorton, Caton. Great road cycling around the Forest of Bowland and even the Yorkshire dales. There is also Gisburn forest for mtb.

If you prefer flatter land then look at Glasson Dock and Cockerham which has a sort of bleak beauty. Also have a visit to Overton if you want to see an interesting place for houses, make sure you time the tide though.

Or you could go North to places such as Carnforth, Silverdale, Arnside. I think it is really nice round there and you get some great views up to the lakes.

Not sure about house/rent prices as I only ever lived round there with my parents.

Good luck!
The New NickB - on 15 Nov 2012
In reply to IMA:

Close to the Grammar School is a nice area, mile into town and a few miles from the University. You will easily get a small house well under your budget, even if it is one of the more expensive parts of town.

Lots of nice villages to the south, but if you want to have better access to Carnforth Crags and the like, Hest Bank is a really nice village, one decent pub, couple of restaurants and £5/6 in a taxi into town. Canal will take you into Lancaster off road.
nicboarder - on 16 Nov 2012
In reply to IMA: Hi, not sure where you live now but Lancaster is fairly cheap rent wise, you should be able to get a nice place for £500 PCM. My sister lives in Lancaster and has for years. It's lovely, and some really nice pubs in town. I would stick to the south side of city centre, effectively from the Hospital south on the A6, lots of nice quiet streets, and great to walk into town for a beer. There are nice estates of semi detatched houses and slightly east up behind St martins college and up towards Williamson park terraced houses as well. If you are going to spen up to £1000 PCM you will be able to get a really nice place.
There are some dodgy spots, I think a massive council estate called the manor maybe? Think that's off to the north, I worked near J34 of M6 and it's not as nice on that side of city, or towards morecambe. My sis lives on palatine avenue and her mother in law lives on greaves drive, both are nice streets, as are all the ones around them. 20 min walk into city centre, near the canal, right on A6 for bus route to the Uni or About 10 to 15 min drive to the Uni. Hope that helps and Hope you find somewhere nice.
IMA - on 16 Nov 2012
In reply to IMA: Thanks for the advice, should help narrow down and speed up the hunt
mhart - on 16 Nov 2012
Halton or any of the villages down the Lune Valley (Caton as mentioned, Littledale) are lovely quiet places to live (I did for 18 years of my life and my parents still live down there)...lovely area, great local walks but also easy access to the lakes or Manchester/Liverpool. Within Lancaster there are a couple of areas to avoid like anywhere (Ridge, Skerton) for example but its a nice city.

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