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Window mechanism repair

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 G. Tiger, Esq. 15 Oct 2020

I've got a double glazed window in which the handle no longer works. Unscrewed the handle - spindle okay, so the problem must be elsewhere in the mechanism.

I've managed to get the window open (by removing the glass and twisting the frame) and I can see that the pin that comes out of the left hand side into the frame is no longer retracting. Equally on the right side the pin won't extend into the frame, so it never closes properly. 

I suspect something inside has snapped so need to replace it, and now I am baffled by the terminology and I'm not sure what to buy. I think I'm after an espag gearbox. Looks like they're only a tenner or so but I'm not quite sure if it's enough. 

Various figures are given but it's not entirely clear what dimension they refer to.

E.g. My window aperture, between the reveals, is  110 cm. (top hinge by the way so the mechanism is a right pain to get a look at). The gap in the frame is 102, and the distance between the pins/rollers that slide into various slots is 97 cm. Also the slots they engage with area also broken - metal fatigue I assume, so they may need replacing to.

Also - the top right corner doesn't quite sit flush either. There is a triangular bit of metal which assume is to pull it properly in, but can't quite see why it's not working.

What bits do I need to measure in order to get the right thing?

Brand is Mila if that's any help.

Please enlighten me if you can 



In reply to G. Tiger, Esq.:

Have you tried liberally applying grease?

I had the gearbox on a "secondary glazing" window appear knackered, and it turned out (when we dismantled it) that it had simply dried out.

 freeflyer 15 Oct 2020
In reply to G. Tiger, Esq.:

I've had problems similar to this in a previous flat with north facing windows gumming up. If you don't get any expert help on here, try searching locally for Window Doctor and the like, as many of the commercial installer contractors have a profitable sideline fixing domestic windows. I think the last one I had done "new mech required guv, no problem" was £60 cash in hand - a lot better than a new window.

 jimtitt 15 Oct 2020
In reply to G. Tiger, Esq.:

Contact Mila direct, they know what they are doing. Normally the number stamped on the side is the offset (distance from face plate to handle) but it sounds like the rest is finished as well so realistically a window doctor is a better bet as they will know what's available AND what to do. I spent 15 years of my life looking at ancient window and locking systems from defunct companies before I got smart! Luckily a lot of it is standardised in the industry.

 freeflyer 15 Oct 2020
In reply to freeflyer:

Too late to edit - I think the £60 might have been for 2 windows, it was a long time ago!

 olddirtydoggy 16 Oct 2020
In reply to G. Tiger, Esq.:

I might be able to help you, I work in the installation trade and do these repairs on occasion. Private message me and I'll fire back some info to help you order what you need.

If any tradesmen offers 'cash in hand' options, show them the door, fraud is fraud and it's a cancer in the domestic construction industry. We want public services but don't want to pay for them, we're better than this.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.