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mike123 - on 12 Sep 2017
without getting into a windows 10 hate fest, can anybody give me some advice on how best to configure W10 so that when I try and use it for emails i can keep some level of sanity ?
I mainly send and receive email using my ipad and find this very intuitive but occasionally have to use the W10 laptop , for example to open a form that has been sent as a word document, fill it in and return .
i will happily install something like outlook or similar if i can make the laptop look and work more like the ipad .
JamButty - on 12 Sep 2017
In reply to mike123:

I feel your pain, I wanted to have two email accounts on the same app, and started using the mail app on windows. Its very unfriendly, poor at searching, and only stores part of it on the computer, the rest you need to hunt for online which never seemed to work.
So I went to Outlook, which despite its faults seems to work ok, and I'm familiar with it as I use it at work. Only thing I haven't sorted is I still get notifications from the old email set up...

Jimbocz - on 13 Sep 2017
In reply to mike123:

Why not just use a web interface and browser to access your mail on the laptop? If it's occasional, that will work fine and won't interfere with your Ipad.

In reply to mike123:

Just use Gmail, your life will be simpler. You could setup your AOL account to forward emails onto to it.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.