/ Canon EOS 50D what lens/accessories shall i get?

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Ben Boldison on 12 Jul 2010 - whois?
I've recently purchased a Canon EOS 50D DSLR with the EF-S 17-85mm lens, what other lens/accessories would be a good idea to get for the camera, i'd like a wide angle lens for lanscape photographs. I'd also like to get a lightweight tripod.
Any suggestions?
Blue Straggler - on 12 Jul 2010
In reply to Ben Boldison:

How recently? Why not stick with what you've got for a few months, and then you'll have a far better idea of what you want next? Or do already know that you want a lens wider than 18mm and are looking for specific recommendations?
terryturbojr - on 12 Jul 2010
In reply to Ben Boldison:

Is it your first SLR? If it is I'd recommend buying nothing more and learning everything about it using the stock lens. 17mm is plenty wide for most landscape stuff, even taking into account the multiplication from cropping. Once you know the camera more, and your style of photography, you'll have a better idea of what you want from your next lens(es). I found I bought lenses early and then realised they weren't the best for me once I learnt more.

If you're experienced with an SLR then obviously forget everything I just said.

For a tripod one with a ball joint is useful. Manfrotto are a rated make. Something like this maybe?

Although not sure how lightweight it is.

terryturbojr - on 12 Jul 2010
In reply to terryturbojr:

Actually that tripod might not hold the weight of an SLR so scrap that. Manfrotto still a good make though but can be a tad expensive.
PontiusPirate on 12 Jul 2010
In reply to Ben Boldison:

Given the weight of a 50D (plus taking into account the weight of any future lens upgrades) get a tripod + head rated to at least 4kg!

Manfrotto, Giottos and Gitzo all make fairly complementary products (I even think they are all owned by the same company these days, not that mu his actually interchangable...) - just look for the offers and don't neglect the weight rating of the head

What Goes Up on 12 Jul 2010 -
The 17-85 is a very good lens in its own right, and 17mm should be plenty wide enough for a lot of landscape work. I'd be inclined to complement it with a big old zoom (taking photos at the long end can also be great for landscapes as you can focus right in on scenes miles away which would be lost otherwise, and you'll get right into the action if you're taking shots of climbers on walls etc. too). If your budget can stretch to it have a crack at either the 70-300 IS USM (NOT the 75-300 - it's a cheap piece of crap) or better still a second hand 70-200 L (the non-IS f4 is the most acessible price-wise and will give you superb piccies with a 50D). Then you're into pro-kit territory - watch out, it can become a very expensive hobby very quickly when you get to that stage...)

If not blowing your budget straight away is more of a factor and you're really keen on landscapes, forget the new lens and get your hands on some ND graduated filters and learn how to use them instead. Expect to pay around £70 for the kit - it could well make much more of a difference to your image quality and creative freedom at this stage than a second lens will.

BTW, on the tripod front I have a Giottos which cost me about £100 and I love it. Wouldn't fancy lugging it up a rock face though!.

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