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Grabber McFist on 15 Jan 2009 -
Do any of the Canon G7/G9/G10 users have any experience of the Richard Franiec range of accessories?
I'm interested in experiences of the cable release and the hotshoe cover.

Bob Hughes - on 15 Jan 2009
In reply to Grabber McFist: I've got two lensmates, the custom grip and the hotshoe cover, but not the cable grip. All are made to a very high standard and Richard is very good to deal with.

He noticed I'd very slightly overpaid him and voluntarily got in touch to tell me and chucked in the hotshoe cover to make up the difference. A basic standard of honesty, you might think, but he could easily have got away with not telling me.

The hotshoe cover is, well, a hotshoe cover. Not much to say about it specifically except it goes on and stays on.

I'd recommend the custom grip. It really makes the camera a lot nicer to handle. I haven't really used the lensmates in anger yet (still haven't got round to buying the wide angle adapter they were originally for).
thomaspassmore on 15 Jan 2009
In reply to Grabber McFist: i mgiht have one of the lensmate barrells for sale
msg if interested
Glenachulish - on 16 Jan 2009
In reply to Grabber McFist: I have the grip, hood and hotshoe cover; the grip makes the G7 easier to use one-handed, the shoe fits snugly and the hood makes the camera look and feel like an old-fashioned rangefinder. The drawback with the hood is that it means the G7 doesn't fit its case, so I carry it separately.

Expensive but good quality kit.
Al Evans on 16 Jan 2009
In reply to Grabber McFist: I bought the Cannon W/A adapter for the G9, DONT, its bloody expensive and weighs more than the camera and you only have to walk back for about 10 paces for all the good it does. To be fair I suppose if you were a pro working in a difficult situation it might be useful, but then you should be using a DSLR anyhow.
Grabber McFist on 16 Jan 2009 -
All useful stuff, thankyou.

The cost spirals and spirals, it seems. A few bits and pieces for just a few pounds - and suddenly one has to find the price of a new case/bag too.
I rather fear that trying to do too much with the G9 really means one ought to to have bought a dSLR in the first place.

Am I right in my understanding that the Lensmate barrel is merely an adapter to allow the G series to mount standard-sized filters?

Observations with the Canon WA adapter noted, thankyou. Are there any experiences of other aftermarket lens adapters/adaptations out there?

Bob Hughes - on 16 Jan 2009
In reply to Grabber McFist: the lensmate is also (mainly) to allow you to fit the wide angle and telephoto lenses.
jamestheyip - on 18 Jan 2009
In reply to Grabber McFist:

I've got some G9 accessories for sell if you're interested.

1 58mm lens/filter adapter mount
1 2X teleconverter
1 58mm polarizing filter
1 58mm +4 closeup filter
1 58mm UV filter

You can have the whole lot for £40 posted. The adapter and teleconverter are by a brand called 'Rowa Optics'. All parts are well built with metal casing and coated glass. I got them from ebay a while ago and only ever used the polarizer and teleconverter couple of times. The UV and closeup filters are untouched in the original casing. I've tested the teleconverter the quality is pretty good.

I'm keeping the wide angle converter myself as I need it for my work. It doesn't work with the lens adapter anyway. I only later found out that most of the non-Canon wide angle converter doesn't work properly as the diameter of the front elements are too small to avoid vignetting caused by the adapter tube. I just hand hold it against my camera now.

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