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Stone_donkey - on 20:19 Sat

Can anyone recommend commercial printing outfits (for digital images), especially for B&W. A search on this forum uncovered some general recommendations but the thread is over a year old so looking for the latest recs out there. Peak Processing was suggested by a few (but again, not B&W specific). Also if anyone has thoughts on the best medium to print on for B&W, probably to A3 only (acrylic, canvas?) It's going to be a portrait (actually a dog)

balmybaldwin - on 21:05 Sat
In reply to Stone_donkey:

Don' use photobox. Was very unimpressed with an image they printed for me. They adjusted the image to make it lighter the cynic in me guesses to save ink. They did correct it in the end but it took a lot of whingeing

kmhphoto - on 21:15 Sat
In reply to Stone_donkey:

I can highly recommend Metro, Although I used them all the time for colour work when film came in a strange thing called a canister, their black and white prints are stunning.

Stone_donkey - on 22:13 Sun
In reply to kmhphoto: Thanks, they look well worth a look. Any comment on the bespoke vs DIY service and fibre vs resin medium?


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