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Gentleman - on 02 Apr 2013
Hello folks,

I wish to make few videos so I can share them in the net.

I could use a little help with first steps..

What software should I use to edit the video?
(I run win xp on my desktop - Linux (debian) is a alternative)
(This is a shoe string budget project so it has to be free)

thank you for taking the time to read and help!
cheers mates!
Mark Collins - on 02 Apr 2013
In reply to Gentleman: Movie Maker is part of Windows XP, and therefore free.
rallymania on 02 Apr 2013
In reply to Gentleman:

what format is the video from your camera? (SD/HD mp4 h.264 etc etc)

movie maker on XP may work, but there's a lot more to this than just what software to use.

if you are doing 1080p HD videos, is your XP PC up to the job to edit, render and play that quality of video?

while note free, a lot of people really rate sony vegas which you can have for a whopping £30 that might actually save you a lot of grief in the long run.

Gentleman - on 05 Apr 2013
In reply to rallymania:

My (_ancient_) camera outputs .avi, found out that options only support 30s of filming This is a bugger. Technically my smartphone is probably better for pictures/video - the old camera had the screw socket for standard (film camera) tripod (which was key reason I have kept the camera around).

My smartphone output .3gp file.

As we speak, I am aiming for low/moderate resolution videos. I will do most of the work alone so mounting the camera is key requirement. The 30s video limit will be too short for any practical use.. I think I will just try things out with it and use as "expendable" camera.

I plan on incorporating pictures as part of the videos (jpeg at least, perhaps some other formats but I can export them as jpeg)

I have not yet looked at movie maker. I think I will try that (or some other free stuff ) first and then move to sony vegas (or some other low price product) - thank you for pointing these out!! 30£ is reasonable price if I find that people enjoy the videos and I plan to do more.

My PC hardware is fairly up to date.. XP was the least painful (in long run) of the options.. and yes.. load of pain was included in the installation process..

Thanks again for all the help!
BALD EAGLE - on 05 Apr 2013
In reply to Gentleman:

Hi Gentlemen
Rallymania has already mentioned this, but I'm also a big fan of Sony Vegas and have the 11 HD Platinum version which costs about £30. Although it is very powerful software, I found it straightforward to pick up the basics but have barely scratched the surface in what it can do after a year of using it!
Feel free to have a look at one or two of my latest efforts such as Torpantau Falls or Trinity Face for example:
Hope this helps and good luck!
Cheers Dave
rallymania on 05 Apr 2013
In reply to Gentleman:

30s limit... interesting... i guess it depends on exactly what you are filming.

for example most TV programs / films you'd expect very few 30s+ shots from the same camera.

this might force you to think carefully about how you shot each scene (different angles etc) which in the end will probably make you're videos more compeling

with regard the stills in your production. i very good tip is to animate the "camera" position in the software while the picture is on screen. also still pics on screen for a few seconds (5 to 10 at most) if a viewer likes the image they can hit pause

there are 100's of tutorials on youtube / vimeo for creating and editing videos.

post back when you have something to show us

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