Fuji X100V for climbing & action?

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 plyas 18 Nov 2021

Hi there

Has anyone any experience of the Fuji X100V for climbing photography, action stuff (like mountain biking, running etc) and landscapes? It's either this or the Olympus EM5 iii but the latter is slightly bigger when you take into account lenses etc and keeping stuff small is key to taking kit with me.

Any thoughts and advice appreciated


 MrRiley 22 Nov 2021
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Hi I have the Fuji X100V and its overall a fantastic camera and a real joy to use in many situations. However, the autofocus (while good) isn't as fast or as sticky as other cameras at a similar price point for action photography. For climbing it would be fine (although limited to fixed lens 35mm equiv. unless you add the conversion lens and make it bulkier) but for MTB and running I think it may struggle. You could probably get around this with zone focussing at a suitably deep DoF but that may limit creativity. I can't speak for the Oly but may I also offer a suggestion of the Sony RX100 Mk Va - small, portable, great image quality and incredible subject tracking autofocus. Or for larger sensor and an ILC the Sony A6xxx series.

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I have both at the moment. As above really, the X100V autofocus aint all that, but it's fine if you choose contrasty subjects to lock focus, or pre focus for action shots. Whether you should be doing that on a £1000 camera is debatable though. I don't really use continuous focus and never have. The OMD is an amazing camera too, if the lenses were weather sealed it'd be a no brainer.

X100V is lovely to use. EM5 is too plus has the benefit of interchangeable lenses. The 15mm Leica is amazing. The Fuji F2 on the X100V is good too.

Prob similar sizes when you put a pancake lens on the EM5.

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