/ How do you carry your RX100?

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Hidden - on 19 Jun 2017
I've recently got an RX100. Great camera, but I didn’t realise it would feel as beefy as it does!

I've always carried cameras around my neck and under my t-shirt whilst climbing. I don’t feel like I can do that with this one.

How do others carry their RX100 in a way that makes it quick and practical to use?
Robert Durran - on 19 Jun 2017
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Padded pouch on harness. Attached with cord.
Hidden - on 19 Jun 2017
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Do you use your pouch horizontally or vertical?

I've been looking at the Lowe Pro Dashpoint. It seems to fit the bill.
AdrianC - on 19 Jun 2017
Solaris - on 19 Jun 2017
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Sometimes round my neck, sometimes as Robert Durran, in a CCS bag on the back of my harness on long leash.
rgold - on 20 Jun 2017
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I think the best way is a padded pouch with its own "belt," like a chalk bag. (I don't use a belt but rather a piece of cord I can tie, as I don't want a fastex buckle to be the only thing between my camera and oblivion.)

The advantage is that this allows you to spin the camera around behind you, to one side or the other, or to the front when you want to take pictures.

It is a good idea to tie stopper knots near the ends of your cord so that, if you untie and then accidentally drop one end, which is pretty easy to do, the camera doesn't slide off into the void (or onto a hard bathroom floor).
Hidden - on 22 Jun 2017
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Good idea. I used to have a chalk bag tied like that and it worked like a treat!

I wonder if it's actually just worth getting a Mammut Multipitch (big chalk bag with a camera pocket).
Martin Bennett - on 22 Jun 2017
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Mine's a Canon of similar proportions but obviously goes for any camera. It goes in a Crumpler (at the moment, used to be a LowePro) padded pouch which I thread onto the 6mm cord of my chalk bag before tying it around my waist. Thus the pouch is secured. The camera itself is attached to a sling around my neck and shoulder. In this way, as has been mentioned, you're not relying on a buckle (one such opened on me and deposited my chalk bag and guide book into the sea at the foot of Fifth Appendage!) and the whole thing can be moved around as required.

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