My Sony RX 100 has crashed!

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 Martin Hore 08 Sep 2021

I know from previous posts there are a number of past or present users of the Sony RX 100 series on here. I wonder if anyone can help me?

Mine is the Mk 1 version which has worked faultlessly for 8 years. I've not felt a need to upgrade. Yesterday I switched it on after a couple of weeks non-use. First I saw a weird regularly patterned image on the screen - like a mosaic of multi-coloured 5 barred gates. Then I couldn't switch the camera off to retract the lens. Taking the battery out and replacing it with my (fully charged) spare allowed me to retract the lens but it immediately extended out again. There seems no way I can keep the lens retracted, and no way I can use the camera to take pictures or review old pictures stored on the memory card. The memory card reads correctly in my laptop.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Is it time to retire my trusty Mk 1 version? Or can you suggest a repairer who might be able to correct the fault economically? Realistically, the camera now has limited resale value even if working perfectly.

Many thanks for any ideas.


In reply to Martin Hore:

Mine reacted the same after it got damp. I couldn't find a way to economically fix it

 Martin Hore 08 Sep 2021
In reply to Dan Arkle:

Many thanks Dan. I don't think mine got damp, but it's good to know I'm not alone.

Did you replace with another RX 100 or did you find something else to do the same job better? Your photography is on a rather higher level than mine, so your recommendation would be gratefully received. Many thanks.


 magma 08 Sep 2021
In reply to Martin Hore:

no menu to reset/reboot?

edit: this maybe worth a try- issues with ribbon cable behind menu wheel- see comments-

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In reply to Martin Hore:

I'm currently mainly use my phone for photos. Pixel 4a, its amazing in tricky light.

I have a Canon sx720hs for taking on walks - small and the zoom is good enough to photograph distant birds or deer. Image quality is crap compared to RX100

Also a Canon M100, light, cheap. light and cheap lenses, image quality as high as my dSLRs.  The canon M system is likely discontinued, so you might choose not to invest in it, but on the other hand you could get a bargain.

 Mike-W-99 08 Sep 2021
In reply to magma:

Had that fixed on mine. Lasted a year or so before it went again. Pity, great camera otherwise

 Seymore Butt 09 Sep 2021
In reply to Martin Hore:

Same thing happened to my Mk1 after about 7 years use. Bought a Mk3 last year, less telephoto, but more versatile, tilt screen and EVF. 

 Andy Johnson 09 Sep 2021
In reply to Martin Hore:

I have a HX90V (similar to the RX100) and recently had a damaged LCD screen repaired by Sony for about £90. I was quite surprised that they offer a repair service as I rather cynically assumed that any kind of damage to this kind of device renders it economically unrepairable.

Good luck!

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 greg_may_ 10 Sep 2021
In reply to Martin Hore:

Similar with my Mk1 as well. Otherwise excellent camera. On the list to replace later this year with more modern version.

 wee jamie 13:47 Sun
In reply to Martin Hore:

Hmmm, mine died after about eight years too - I wonder if Sony are designing in a self-destruct time?  I bought a MK III (no touchscreen) and it's great.  It does however suffer from a slightly loose connection or short circuit on the selection dial on the top, which my MK1 had as well.  Can be annoying when trying to view photos as it puts the camera back into shoot mode.  Only happens in Aperture Priority mode and only occasionally.  The zoom is poor and I find the sharpness not quite as good as the MK1, but it's still pretty good.

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