/ Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3 for Alpine climbing

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Big Lee - on 17 Mar 2012
Anybody bought a Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3? I often use my camera in an Alpine climbing environment for which the G3 potentially seems ideal given it's minimal bulk and weight. I've previously always used a traditional SLR (last one was an EOS 450D) and am slightly nervous about making the switch to a mirrorless camera.

Compared to, for example, an EOS 600D I'm interested to know how the camera might behave above the snowline, how the viewfinder will function with a circular polariser, and how the battery life will stand up in cold conditions. I'm not bothered about the limited lens selection.

Have played around with cameras in the shops but interested in feedback from anybody who has purchased.

radson - on 17 Mar 2012
In reply to Big Lee:

Fairly sure most of these pics were taken with a Panasonic camera. I just cant remember which model.
Damo on 18 Mar 2012
In reply to Big Lee:

I was looking at this a couple of weeks ago, when I bought an S100. I also thought it would make a good climbing camera, of the bigger type, to replace a DSLR. I'd previously written off 4/3 cams because they're too big for a pocket but lack the DSLR IQ. The lenses on the 4/3 are often so big that overall they're not much smaller than a Nikon 3100 DSLR.

I thought the G3 might be better when teamed with the compact 14-42 powerzoom but this lens got so many poor reviews, and as it's quite expensive, I didn't think it was worth it.

I was also a bit put off with the batteries. It seems you can't get generic batteries for a Panasonic (wrong?) so my usual tactic of getting 2 or 3 generic spares, to deal with the cold, made it very expensive.

There's so many good cameras around now, and so many are so similar, that I think it's really important, at least for a climbing camera, to go into a shop and see what these things are actually like in the flesh. Once in the hand, you immediately write off some otherwise very nice cameras.
Anonymous on 18 Mar 2012 -
In reply to Damo:

DMC-G3 batteries are £8.97 from Amazon.

Post free.

Anonymous on 18 Mar 2012 -

Aha .. Check the small print:

"NOTE: Battery functions exactly as the original Panasonic battery but will not display the battery indication due to restrictions from Panasonic chipping"

Depends whether you can live with that, I suppose.
radson - on 18 Mar 2012
Big Lee - on 19 Mar 2012
In reply to Big Lee:

Thanks for the replies. Complete change of mind. Am going to get myself a Sony NEX-5N. Looks the perfect camera for high quality pics in a small body.
radson - on 20 Mar 2012
In reply to Big Lee:

I dont know mate, the lens choice kinda sucks for Sony NEX at the moment.

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