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Quality print service

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 Andy Johnson 03 Dec 2019

I'd like to have a good quality print made from one of my own photographs. Any recommendations for companies that do this?

 Alex Riley 03 Dec 2019
In reply to Andy Johnson:

I used metro print for my last prints, they came out really nicely and were reasonably priced.

 Rick51 03 Dec 2019
In reply to Andy Johnson:

DS Colour Labs in Didsbury and online are ok, I've used them a few times although I now use the framing shop, FramingManchester, in Chorlton for big prints.

 Andy Johnson 03 Dec 2019
In reply to Rick51:

Just down the road from where I live. Thanks for the suggestion!

 craig h 03 Dec 2019
In reply to Andy Johnson:

I use D S Colour Labs too, good quality prints and never had an issue. Pretty easy to order online. You can pick up from the Reddish office usually the next day (ordered before 1pm) if you live close and don't want to wait for delivery.

In reply to Andy Johnson:

I've had a number of framed prints from https://www.picturegalleryuk.com/ at about 70cm by 40cm.

I was very pleased with the quality and colours. The website is great to use and very flexible for framing and the orders came promptly.

 Charlie Noakes 03 Dec 2019
In reply to Andy Johnson:

Peak Imaging have always done me good. I don't calibrate my monitor so tend to choose the 'lab optimised' option and they've always been spot on. 

 Andy Johnson 06 Dec 2019
In reply to Andy Johnson:

Thank you for all the suggestions everyone.

In reply to Andy Johnson:

Dude, check out the print space!

They're a photo lab in London I use to get all my own prints professionally done. I normally use the fuji matt or epson semi-gloss paper. You can't beat seeing your work on paper! 

You can find them here: https://www.theprintspace.co.uk/


Here’s a 50% off voucher code that you can use at the checkout on your first order!




 ChrisJD 15 Dec 2019
In reply to Andy Johnson:

As you are in Manchester, keep it local with DS Colour Labs.

 greg_may_ 15 Dec 2019
In reply to Andy Johnson:

I've used DS as well, very good service.

In reply to Andy Johnson:

I've used a few, mainly to do big wall prints of various types so I look around driven by price and quality and available size options depending on what its for and where its going

Bonusprint - Got some really good acrylics done at reasonable prices, however most recent print appears to have been adjusted/under inked/printer is not calibrated well. However they have accepted it's not right and are sending a replacement at no cost (and I can keep the pretty good but not quite dark-enough one) - Was wary of them at first due to price, but pretty satisfied.

Photobox - I love their very basic (and quite cheap) Mounted Poster prints... they make for quite nice wall art just stuck on with 3m foam tape. Again though they have been a bit hit an miss, with 1/4 orders being apparently under printed or lighter than intended. Again though I can't fault the customer service. entire print was redone at no cost, no need to return (again useable but not perfect prints). Their high quality standard posters so far have been excellent, and massive and still affordable. very pleased with recent 150x100 cm Prints of a Swan (challenging blacks and whites), and another very colourful Kingfisher - but dont buy full price... wait a few days and there'll be an offer.

www.Whitewall.co.uk - Seem to be a much higher quality outfit, and their prices reflect that. Much wider range of paper options (both mounted behind acrylic and on other substrates). I've only had one big poster done by them on their Ultra HD paper, which I can't fault, but I'm unsure if the difference is worth the price. They do have some very tempting fine art papers etc.

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