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XE-1 replacement

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 CMcBain 21 Nov 2020

My Fuji XE-1 is on its last legs, after dutifully serving me for the past few years and surviving a fair amount of abuse, including being left outside in the rain.

I liked the range finder style of the XE-1 and all the control dials being on the outside. I think I’d like to stay within the Fuji line of mirrorless cameras (I still have the Fuji ‘kit’ lens in working order).

Obvious candidate was an XE-2 which is available for about £200. However I’ve been a bit more into shooting video the past couple years and have heard some pretty poor reviews of the XE-2 era Fuji cameras video capabilities.

Is there anything else in the Fuji line up that is as good for stills as the XE-1 but still has a video mode that will stand up to modern use? XT-1? XE-3?

Budget is as cheap as possible but can potentially wait a few months and save some more if it felt worth it (maybe £400 max?).


In reply to CMcBain:

When I picked up a second hand XE-3 I couldn't bear to part with my XE-1!!  Both great cameras.

I don't use video so can 't comment on that.  The XE-3 is slightly smaller and the sensor better, although not sure the latter makes much difference to me.

XE-4 coming next year I believe, which should bring more earlier models on to the second hand market.

I also have an XT-1 which has good weather sealing (unlike XE's), appreciated by me.  Seem pretty cheap second hand.


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