/ ONE WEEK: 30% off Tanga and Outcrop Zero-G Ropes

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Mountain Works on 03 Dec 2009 -
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10.5 December Madness!!


Yes, the first snows seem to have sent everyone at Zero-G a bit mad as we announce a whopping 30% off our Tanga 10.5mm x 50m and Outcrop 10.5mm x 30m ropes.

The classic Zero-G Climbing Tanga 10.5mm rope has excellent abrasion resistance while maintaining soft handling and great knotability. The ends of the rope have a compact finish where the core and sheath come together as one unit eliminating sheath slippage and the ropes are centre marked for safety and convenience. If you are looking for a rope perfect for classic climbing, cragging or general mountaineering - then this is for you.

The Zero-G Climbing Outcrop rope offers exactly the same features as our Tanga but at 30m it is the perfect rope for short pitch cragging or smaller indoor walls.

So if you are thinking of replacing a rope or treating the climber in your life to a magnificent surprise this Christmas then click through now for an amazing deal.

Offer ends on 13th December 2009

Buy The Tanga at £77.00:

Buy The Outcrop at £65.00:

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