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 David Hooper 19 Jan 2007
In reply to dan bailey:

Dear Dan

Are you paying for the trip out of your own pockets or will your fares, hotels, peak fees, porterage, new equipment, food, etc come from the funds raised?

Best wishes

In reply to David Hooper: Hi David, sorry for late reply I've been away. All funds raised from donations by members of the public go direct to Comic Relief. Costs of the trip are being met by commercial sponsors, and reduced wherever possible by a barrage of blagging. Any shortfall we will fund ourselves. I don't think it'd be reasonable to expect other people to pay for our beers.
 David Hooper 22 Jan 2007
In reply to dan bailey:

Cheers Dan - I will be logging on to sponsor then - good luck and enjoy the coffee in Moshi

In reply to David Hooper: Thanks for that David
 francoisecall 02 Feb 2007
In reply to dan bailey: Why pay for you to have fun? I can give to charity directly.
In reply to francoisecall: I thought David had already covered that...? If you donate through our site you ARE giving to charity directly. Have a look if you want. Or not. Up to you! But just to be clear, I am not asking anyone on UKC to pay for my holiday!
Bunnerz 06 Feb 2007
In reply to francoisecall: Like he said you wont be paying for them to have fun, your money will go direct to charity. If they didnt take their time to do this event, probably tens of thousands of pounds raised through it wouldnt be seen by charity at all. Its thanks to the good hearts and minds of these people that a decent amount of money is raised for charity, and also shows there is still some decent people left in the world!

Cheers, Bunn
In reply to Bunnerz: Wow, thanks for the ringing endorsement Bunn! Of course, it's only fair to acknowledge that as well as raising as much money as we can we'll also be having fun and fulfilling some long held ambitions (I've wanted to go to Mt.Kenya and the Rwenzori since long before I was into climbing, even). For me, it's great that on this trip we've managed to link personal climbing goals with doing good and putting something back (to coin a phrase) - this isn't soemthing I've ever done before, since all my previous mountain holidays were distinctly self centred!
simzx 08 Feb 2007
In reply to dan bailey:
Will most def be supporting you good luck and well done on your cause...........we have decided at our scout troop to do a bag pack and give that monies to you guys too!!
In reply to simzx: Hey, thanks Simz. That's really very generous of you. Could you please pass my thanks on to the rest of your troop? Cheers!

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