/ FS: 4 Season Tent, Single Rope, Cams, & Tricams!

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Mr. K - on 14 Aug 2013
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All prices are collected from Nottingham, postage extra and depends on what you're buying.

Wild Country Trisar 2 & Footprint

This is the current model, purchased in April 2013. Bought for a trip but we ended up using a different tent. I've only used the tent for two nights so it's basically in as new condition. It's a lovely piece of kit and I'll be sad to see it go but a man only needs so many tents!

Full specs:

(It's raining so I didn't want to pitch it but you can see how minty fresh the underside of the inner is in the second pic)

The tent cost me £140 and the footprint £40, I'd like £115 for the pair of them.

Mammut Revelation 9.2mm x 50M, dry treated, purple.

A perfect rope for Alpine mountaineering. This rope was purchased at the end of August 2012, used for a grand total of four days in the Alps in September and then stored loosely coiled in a ropebag in my garage ever since. I've resisted the urge to tow cars and mop up battery acid with it! Genuinely as good as new.

Cheapest I can find this rope new online is £124.99:


Yours for the reasonable sum of £80. I know buying a rope secondhand can worry people so I'm happy to accept a return if you find it's anything less than described. =o)

Cams & Tricams


I've got:

2 x Black Diamond Camalot C4 0.3 (no thumb loop) - £20 each

1 x Black Diamond Camalot C4 0.4 (no thumb loop) - £20

1 x Wild Country Tech Friend #2.5 - £20

Camp Tricams #1, #1.5 & #2 - £20 for all three
doz on 14 Aug 2013
In reply to Mr. K: Will take the tricams please...
Mr. K - on 15 Aug 2013
Tricams sold. =o)
Mr. K - on 19 Aug 2013
I'm happy to negotiate on a price for the four cams as a set. =o)
tallpaulselfridge - on 19 Aug 2013
In reply to Mr. K: yhm

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