/ 4 X Alpine Boots + NF VE25 Tent

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Tomásín 17 Jul 2019


I have been living in Chamonix for the past few seasons and recently moved back home to Ireland. I can't imagine I will be doing much alpine climbing in the near future and so I would like to sell on some of the gear and get myself a mtb! Grab a bargain.

All prices include shipping to UK or Ireland.
For collection from Killarney, Ireland, there will be a further discount on price.

  • La Sportiva Nepals. Size 41.5. Condition: Could do with a wash, but these boots are solid with but plenty of tread left in them £90
  • Garmount Pumori LX. Size 42.5. Condition: Almost new, worn them in the Spring in Chamonix a handful of times with crampons so the tread is like new £220.
  • ​La Sportiva Spantik. Size 43. Condition: Slightly scuffed but in very condition and have lots of tread. Recently replaced laces. Price £110
  • Scarpa Ribelle Tech OD. Size 42. Condition: Brand New with tags. £250
  • North Face VE 25 Tent. Condition: Inner, poles all like new. It has only been very lightly used. One section of the outer has some burn damage to it. I never bothered fixing it as it is so low down it did not affect the performance. But it is easily fixed if you would like. This tent RRPs at £700. Steal at £400 delivered.

See here for more detailed photos: https://drive.google.com/open?id=10mOV3A555GYeZZgF-CNIFwRWyzPhQ5pv

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