/ Agripp launches dual texture climbing hold range

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New for 2019, Agripp have just launched their competition inspired dual texture climbing hold range… and they look stunning!

These types of hold feature a regular textured section surrounded by completely smooth resin, forcing the climber to use the textured surface only and thereby dictating the movement of the climber from hold to hold. Using them as side pulls or undercuts also encourages precise footwork, since feet must be placed very carefully to avoid slipping. Dual textured holds are a favourite for route setters since the design makes it very difficult to cheat the move and the sequence must be climbed exactly as the setter intended.

All climbing hold sets in the Agripp dual textured range are moulded in Dannomond polyurethane (PU) as standard. This high performance pure polyurethane is characterised by higher wear resistance, skin friendly texture and superior strength, making it the first choice material for climbing holds. Although more expensive, Dannomond will outperform cheaper materials and last longer in a commercial environment.

Owned by master sculptor Philippe Ceulemans, Agripp is a fusion of family sculpting heritage and passion for rock climbing. The Agripp design philosophy is to create fluid and original shapes that are ergonomic to use and that also incorporate the latest climbing hold technologies. Each Agripp climbing hold design is crafted by Philippe and represents a unique artwork and climbing experience: a synergy of his two passions.



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