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As the big push starts to draw Awesome Walls Dublin to an opening a bomb is dropped on the climbing world with the news that Sheffield is to receive another climbing centre!

Anyone that’s used any of our centres will know we don’t do things by halves. If we say that we’re going to build anther centre and it’s going to be in Sheffield, the mecca for thousands of climbers we’re going big, very big!

A building has been located; the necessary planning requirements have been submitted, talks are been held with various major climbing wall companies, exciting plans are been sketched out and ideas hatched.

The building is an easy 6 minutes drive from the M1, junction 34 giving good access to all traffic travelling North and South.

Think large, airy, high (16m), bright, plentiful on-site parking, friendly and most importantly- ‘Awesome’ and you’ll almost be there!

The planned opening is for early 2013.

Please feel free to follow our progress on our new website and on

Comments, suggestions and input will be more than welcomed on here, our Facebook page or by email to

Looking forward to see you all in Sheffield in 2013.

All the best

Dave Douglas
Awesome Walls Climbing Centres Ltd

‘Awesome Walls, a family of walls’

There's also a UKC news article here- with discussion.
ashaw - on 26 Sep 2012
In reply to Dave Douglas: Awesome Walls: cool will you be doing first aid courses there too dave?
In reply to ashaw:
Alan, Yes we'll be doing REC 1st aid courses in AWCC Sheffield. I'm not sure who'll be providing them though !-)

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