Brian Hall: High Risk, the end of the golden age

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 John Burns 11 Nov 2022

“In the 1970s we made fast alpine style ascents of the Himalayan giants and nobody died, but in the 1980s everything changed,” In Outdoors In Scotland podcast Brian Hall tells of the grim toll that extreme high altitude climbing took on his generation of climbers in his book, High Risk.

Find out why one decade ended the golden age of Himalayan climbing in this podcast interview. 

Here are more episodes that explore the risks taken by extreme mountaineers.

Extreme climbing attracts a different breed of men and women and Simon McCartney talked to John D Burns about the risks he faced in an earlier episode. 

Listen to Simon McCarney’s gripping account of his extreme climb in this interview when he tells of his inspirations for his award winning book, The Bond.

Paul Pritchard is another climber who has encountered the dark side of climbing and fought his way through after devastating injuries. His book, The Mountain Path, is testament to his courage and the perseverance of the human spirit.

Simon Yates, the man who cut Joe Simpson’s rope, is another climber who has faced demons in the mountains. Listen to him talking about his life living on the edge of danger and his book, the Wild Within.

 mcawle 11 Nov 2022
In reply to John Burns:

Keen to check these out, but I tend to use Spotify for podcasts - I've found the podcast on Spotify but none of the episodes you mention here are visible - I can see a few back to July 2022 and then a couple in Dec 2021, but none of the above.

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OP John Burns 09 Dec 2022
In reply to mcawle:

Hi, that's odd. You should be able to find them if you follow the links. I'll check spotify, should be on there.

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