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Ben Bransby - on 21 Feb 2013
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Hi all,

Due to my wife's car dying and my mum buying a new car (and hence us having the option of hers at a bargain price)we have decided to sell our camper van. It is:

Toyota Hiace 2.5 Diesel, 2004
Just under 90,000 miles
12 months MOT (till mid Feb 2014)
Tax until end Sep 2013

The conversion:

see for pics of the inside (and outside) of van
Please note that 'sink' shown (i.e. the crappy bit!) is only in the photos when I was considering re-regsitering the van with the DVLA as a camper. A sink/water storage unit were part of the requirements. Didn't need to re-register in the end as found excellent camper insurers who didn't need the boxes ticking.

Seats 3 - driver and bench seat.

Fairly basic conversion

Professionally fitted windows to sides and rear doors (tinted sliders on side)

Professionally built (Amdro from Caernarfon) cupboards behind driver's seat. Gas cooker (2 burner - not built in).

Self build bed/bench seat with large slide out storage boxes beneath seat section (to make bottom of bed) and full 'boot' storage beneath rear section (I can just squeeze 2 large DMM bouldering mats under here).
The bed is wider than a king size, but about 5'9" long. If tall people are sleeping in it, we have a cushion over the cool box which extends the bed for their feet!

Ply lined, insulated, lino floor. Silver reflective window covers all round. Set of 2 plastic levellers for wheels. Semi-commercial roof rack and bars.

Child's bunk that fits in cab (can be moved to go over bed).

We have a set of bags that hook on to the sides of the van for accessible clothes storage.

We've had this van since the end of 2006, and it has been hugely reliable, never broken down or failed to start (it's got 2 batteries). It has never cost anything significant to service, and has passed every MOT first time.

So, the less good stuff...
Comes with added character scratches and hot rock burns in the front floor matting (all courtesy of the first owner and 1 from my brother-in-law). There are a fair few cosmetic scratches and dents.

A year after we bought the van, we found that the people who sold it to us had actually nicked it from a plumber in Burnley. They had changed the VIN and plates so successfully that even the local Toyota garage didn't work out that it had been stolen.
The ignition key is the original, but the door locks were sticking and so were changed under warranty by Toyota - the van therefore has 2 keys, one for the doors and one for the ignition.
We re-bought the van from the plumber's insurance company, so it is completely legit, not a write-off etc. No problem to tax and insure.

The Parkers guide price for this van (adjusted for mileage and in 'poor' condition) is £2,470 (but not as a camper!).

We'll sell it for £3000 ONO.

Any questions, please email.

lfenbo - on 21 Feb 2013
In reply to Ben Bransby: hi ben,where is the van at the moment??
Ben Bransby - on 22 Feb 2013
In reply to lfenbo: Sorry, forgot to say! In Hathersage, Derbyshire.
wobblydave - on 22 Feb 2013
In reply to Ben Bransby: hi Ben. I have e-mailed you.
Ben Bransby - on 23 Feb 2013
As long as no hiccups this is now sold...

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