/ Cellar clear out: climbing ski and snowboard gear

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daveyzxcv - on 29 Nov 2012
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Cellar clear out : climbing, ski and snowboard

Having a big cellar clearout, everything to be sold so prices are ono...
All prices include postage

Brand new ski touring set up(still wrapped up) – Dynastar Altiride + legend Altitrail ski touring bindings (work same as fritchis)
165cm – 678 euros normally - £250

Cassin technical Ice axe x 2 - X all mountain – used but in good nick - £250

black diamond sawtooth crampons – used - £60

Stockli powder skis – 186cm – Dominique Perret pro model - used - £190

Alpine Trekkers – used but like new - £90

Beal 7.3mm trail line x 60m – used twice as zip line for rappelling – £50

SOescalade finger board – possibly used once? - £25

14 assorted climbing holds including bolts - £30

Drake DTM XL snowboard bindings – Brand new still in box - £90

Solar Charger – 3,6,9 and 12 volt solar panel with AA and 9 volt battery charger - £30

Feel free to email for questions and pictures of kit

All prices include postage
ijustlost - on 29 Nov 2012
In reply to daveyzxcv: I couldn't find any info on black diamond sawtooth crampons on the black diamond website or anywhere else on the internet. How many points do they have and what sort of attachment system? Could you post a photo (or link to info on them).
dave frost - on 02 Dec 2012
In reply to ijustlost: i think you probably mean black diamond sabretooth, i have some, they pretty good mountaineering crampons, 12 point i think.

GeorgT - on 03 Dec 2012
In reply to daveyzxcv: interested in fingerboard. would it be possible to send/post a picture of the board please?? x
badgeronabicycle - on 03 Dec 2012
In reply to daveyzxcv: Hi, I'm interested in the crampons. Could you email a picture? I'd like to see what kind of attachment they have.
daveyzxcv - on 04 Dec 2012
Touring Ski now sold
climbupflydown - on 04 Dec 2012
In reply to daveyzxcv: yhm
lazzaw - on 06 Dec 2012
In reply to daveyzxcv: have you got pics of the climbing holds? Jugs / crimps. big /small?

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