/ Chamonix Mountain Festival: 1st - 8th June 2013

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francoisecall - on 24 Mar 2013
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We are delighted to invite all climbers and mountain enthusiasts to the Chamonix Mountain Festival. This gathering, organised by mountaineers for mountaineers, will take place during the first week of June in the iconic Chamonix Mont-Blanc. The world's capital of alpinism, where it all started in the 19th century with the first British pioneers and their French and Swiss guides, will for one full week open its arms to climbers and alpinists of all levels and ages. Everybody will be welcome in this truly international meet. Whether you come on your own, with a group or with a partner, whether you have done Alpine climbing before or not, you will have a chance to enjoy some stunning Alpine classics or ski touring routes.

Arcteryx, Idris Skis and other top-of-the-range brands will be providing equipment to test and the days out will be complemented by an exciting line up of talks and screenings. We will not reveal too much yet but you can already look forward to the new award-winning feature documentary "Petit Dru - The Disintegrating Mountain". And we can give away that Andy Parkin, together with other surprise guests, will be there too...

Where: Chamonix Mont-Blanc, French Alps

When: 1st - 8th June 2013

With accommodation in a beautiful historic building in the very centre of Chamonix, great French food, a mini information centre providing assistance on conditions and route choice and, most importantly, fellow mountaineers from all over the world, you can already start preparing a list of your dream ascents.

No age limit, no grade limit!

Find more information and register at

And while you are at it, you can also follow the updates on Facebook and Twitter
climbersion on 30 Mar 2013
In reply to francoisecall:

Sounds like a great idea!
n3p on 05 Apr 2013
In reply to francoisecall:


This looks Great! What equipment would I need to participate? Can all the gear be hired from the partner companies of Chamonix Mountain Festival, and if so, how much?
B7ad on 05 Apr 2013 -
In reply to francoisecall:

I registered for this trip last week, but have not yet had a response from the organisers.

I also posted the message below in the "starting out page of the forums" - anyone interested?

I have just joined the Forum and must say that the community on here is pretty impressive!

very tentatively............

I am planning on driving to Chamonix this Summer, in June or July with a stay of between 5-7 days, and wondered if anyone would be interested in travelling with me and sharing the cost of Diesel? at the moment I could have up to 3 passengers as My Wife is not that has just got back from Killi and Did the Inca Trail Last year)

I May look at travelling for the Chamonix Mountain Festival (1-8th June @ 430 Euros inc food and acomm)and then adding 2-4 days to attempt MT Blanc, or Paradiso ----- anyone interested in sharing the costs of a guide?

any thoughts?

francoisecall - on 10 Apr 2013
In reply to B7ad:

Hello Brad,

You should have had a reply now from us. The girl doing registrations was away!

Good idea to share car. Where will you be travelling from? We will put a note on our website too.

francoisecall - on 10 Apr 2013
In reply to n3p:


The equipment you would need depends very much on what you are planning to do: rock climbing or alpine routes or ski touring.

The equipment brought by the partner companies are there to be tested by the participants not really hogged for the whole stay.....

If you need to hire equipment talk to us. We will try and get you the best deal in town.

The other solution is to buy second hand kit on this site!

B7ad on 11 Apr 2013 - whois?
In reply to francoisecall:

hi Francoise,


I had been replying to your messages, but didnt realise that you had also posted here as well.

I will be driving from Ashford, Kent, however I may end up flying if I get no takers for the car share, just depends on the costs of flights as Diesel plus ferry or tunnel costs may be more that flights for a single passenger.

definately up for Alpine Routes, as have kit for this and would love to try climbing.

francoisecall - on 15 Apr 2013
In reply to B7ad:

You might like to put a separate post on the forum to look for someone to share the car journey.

We have put a message on our Facebook page.

francoisecall - on 22 Apr 2013
In reply to francoisecall:

We have an offer from one of the parapente activists in Chamonix;

'5 free tandem flights to be balloted amongst those who book before 30th April"

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