/ Climbing in the Dolomites with Louis Parkinson

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NoBoundaries - on 10 Jun 2017

Do you want to bring your climb outdoor to the next level? Or simply you haven't tried it yet? Well, you must not miss these fantastic workshops!

Led by Louis Parkinson, ex GB Bouldering Team Member and international coach ( you will have a chance to undertake an Outdoor Bouldering Workshop in the Italian Dolomites followed by a Sport Climbing workshop led by IFMGA - UIAGM Alpine Guides, a 3 days workshop that will become an unforgettable experience.

You can also decide to stay one week for our Multi-sport week and try out also other activities.

For dates, info, and bookings click here:

JayPee630 - on 14 Jun 2017
In reply to NoBoundaries:

What an appalling video. Nothing about coaching, how your skill might improve, any detaill, just someone showing off. Yes, we know you're good, the idea is to make us better.

The Jazz Butcher on 15 Jun 2017
In reply to JayPee630:

Crikey, if that is a demonstration of how to climb in the Dolomites I'd be interested to know what routes he's done that on. For me it usually consists of trying to put as little stress on the rock as possible.

As a demonstration of modern competition style training and ability, that was pretty impressive. My elbows are aching now just watching.
Slarti B on 16 Jun 2017
In reply to JayPee630:

I frequently see Louis coaching bouldering at Vauxwall, all ranges of abilities from beginners to experts.

Whatever comes across in the Video, in real life his coaching seems calm, encouraging and helpful. Very modest and definitely not showing off ( Actually I'd love to see him do some of the moves in the Video!)

If you read advert carefully I think Louis is doing bouldering coaching but the climbing is being led others.

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