CSAW - Climbing Strengths and Weaknesses

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Andy Gamisou 11 May 2020
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Best way to improve your climbing is to work on your weaknesses, yes?  What are they though?  Let's face it you're probably not the best person to judge.  CSAW helps you to find out your true weaknesses (and strengths) by using input from your climbing buddies - who probably know your climbing better than you.  It's an app implementation of the game you might have played in the post-climbing pub of rating each other according to a bunch of attributes: power, endurance, footwork, fear, preparation, etc.

The app contains three default sets of attributes, targeted towards trad, sport, and bouldering. If these aren't suitable for your purposes then you can devise your own, either based on one of these default sets or from scratch. Get your mates' input into an assessment of your strengths either by simply handing them your device, or by sending them an email with a link.

It works on android platforms from version 4.1 onward (most devices from 2011).  It's free and contains no ads or in-app purchases.

Available from the play store:

Google Play Store

In reply to Andy Gamisou:

I have downloaded it. 

Andy Gamisou 12 May 2020
In reply to Mountain Spirit:

> I have downloaded it. 

Thanks!  Hope you installed it too (and that it didn't fall over)

In reply to Andy Gamisou:

All done and ready to be used.  

Andy Gamisou 13 May 2020
In reply to Andy Gamisou:

I noticed that someone has had a crash (looks like a One Plus 6 phone running Android 10).  It would be super useful to me if whoever it is could provide a summary of what went wrong, as many details as you like (anything is useful).  Preferably email via the UKC feature: or via [email protected]


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