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peakpaul - on 07 Jan 2013
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Following the success of our Essential Skills Courses over the last 4 years, we are delighted to be running them again this year - for only £40 per person per day.

All the courses run in the Peak District National Park and we've scheduled the climbing courses on consecutive days so you can always do both in a weekend - making it only £80 for a full weekend's instruction.


A one day course covering key belay building skills, setting up top and bottom rope systems, gear placement and safe practice issues on outdoor crags.

The course covers many skills needed by indoor climbers looking to move outside but please note that lead climbing will not be covered on this course. All specialist equipment can be provided.

Course dates: Saturday 20/04/13 and Saturday 01/06/13


A one day course covering many problem solving strategies for situations commonly encountered on outdoor crags such as how to escape the system, accompanied abseils, ascending ropes, lowering and simple hoists.

This is a condensed version of our 2 day course and won't cover some of the more complicated scenarios - but it will still give you a 'toolbox' of strategies in case the unexpected happens. All specialist equipment can be provided.

Course dates: Sunday 21/04/13 and Sunday 02/06/13

Both courses are suitable for climbers with some experience who can tie in, belay and understand basic ropework skills.


This one day course will cover a wide range of key navigation skills and will be based on the National Navigation Award Scheme bronze level syllabus (more details on the content can be found in the navigation courses section of our website).

Course dates: Saturday 28/04/13 and Monday 06/05/13

If you are buying someone a place on one of these courses as a gift we will happily send you one of our gift vouchers to give them on their big day.

Email us at or call 01433 620283.

Full details of all our courses can also be found at
ollieboy - on 09 Jan 2013
Prices on the website state £85pp. Is this the case or have you dropped them to the £40pp rate stated above?
peakpaul - on 09 Jan 2013
In reply to ollieboy: Thanks for the comment. These courses are one off courses and not the same as the ones on the website (these dates aren't listed with our 'normal' courses on the website although the navigation course dates will tie in with some soon to be published courses that will be running during the 2013 Peak District Outdoor Festival). We've run similar courses for several years and are keen to keep offering a few discounted ones each year.

Hope that helps,
The Fox - on 11 Jan 2013
In reply to peakpaul: been on these on a previous year - can thoroughly recommend as very useful and good fun to boot.
peakpaul - on 13 Jan 2013
In reply to The Fox: Thanks for taking the time to comment and great to hear you enjoyed the courses you attended.

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