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British Antarctic Survey on 25 Mar 2010 -
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Practical, organised and unflappable, you'll have what it takes to work in the most challenging climate on Earth - enabling us to conduct successful scientific research across Antarctica.

As you would expect, this unique role demands a range of skills. Excellent mountaineering skills are essential, as is the ability to effectively lead expeditions. You must also be a natural problem solver and be a strong team player who can respond effectively to ever-changing situations.

Your core task will be to conduct scientific colleagues safely and efficiently within the polar environment on both the continental ice shelves and glaciated mountains. Of course, you'll also have to attend to many other duties, including assisting in scientific work, organising camp sites, handling radio equipment and ensuring sno-mobiles continue to work.

Salary package will be from £23,700 per annum pro-rata plus a possible performance bonus when your return to the UK.

Apply online at Application forms are also available from the Human Resources Section, British Antarctic Survey, High Cross, Madingley Road, Cambridge, CB3 0ET. Tel: (01223) 221508.

You will need to be physically capable and medically fit to work in Antarctic conditions.

Please also send a CV of your climbing experience and other useful related experience e.g. Outdoor pursuit instruction

Please quote reference: BAS 03/10 .

Closing date 16th May 2010

Scheduled Interview Dates: w/c 21/06/10 and w/c 28/06/10
Michael Ryan - on 07 Apr 2010
In reply to British Antarctic Survey:

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