First climb of the year? Think twice!

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 Team BMC 24 Mar 2021

Nothing feels quite as good as your first outdoor climb of the year. And this year it’ll feel extra special as we’ve all been locked down for so long. But, on your first days out, think about everything twice.

Take your time. Start on really easy routes, and make your first few visits all about safety, your systems and getting used to the environment again. Now’s not the time to push your grades, no matter how well you’ve been fingerboarding.

We went to Stanage with climbing instructor Katherine Schirrmacher and BMC ambassador Steve McClure for a quick run through of what you need to remember if you’re rusty on rock.

A few seconds spent on a Partner Check could save your life.

Think Twice

 Philb1950 31 Mar 2021
In reply to Team BMC:

At one time climbers were slightly anarchistic risk takers. Now many younger ones are ruled by the ever PC outpourings of an organisation that has no mandate or right to dictate what individuals do or get up to.. BMC says its OK to go out climbing again. Eh? Also contra to BMC instructions I don't wear a helmet  as many senior BMC officers never did as well as past presidents who I used to climb with. Send us all for corrective training?

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