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Font Trumps | Bouldering card game

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 simwarren 01 Nov 2020

Hey chaps,  I wanted to share with you a lockdown idea that has recently just come to fruit.

I had to see the idea through, it’s taken quite some time to put together during covid times, but I’ve had so much fun putting it all together!    

It’s a Fontainebleau themed card game.


Battle your favourite Fontainebleau boulders from anywhere in the world, home, van, crag, or gym.  This card game is really easy to play and is based on the traditional Trump game format, the highest number wins.   Compete with your opponent by trying to one-up them on grade, height, moves, sandbag or aesthetics.  It's all good fun!

This carefully selected circuit of 34 problems, across 23 different areas, captures the magic of Font, featuring some of the most iconic problems in the forest.  There are also some lesser-known boulders for you to discover or even add to your list.

As we're entering in to a second lockdown, I figured I'd share the idea, hopefully keep the psyche high during winter / Covid times.   I have a page on my website, where you can pre-order a pack if you're interested!

For images and more info you can find it all on my website: https://theboulderprints.com/collections/products/products/font-trumps

It's all a bit of fun, interested to hear what you think!



In reply to simwarren:

Looks amazing!

The prints look good too, makes me realise I should get more use out of my Canon Pro-10s

 simwarren 12 Nov 2020
In reply to Paul Phillips - UKC and UKH:

Thanks Paul, absolutely do it and be sure to share any my way! 



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