/ Ford Transit Connect 1.8TDCi LWB High Top (2008).

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peppermill 03 Mar 2020
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Ford Transit Connect 1.8TDCi LWB High Top (2008). £2250 ONO ***Fully Insulated, Refloored and Carpeted****

Very reluctant sale of my awesome little connect.

I’ve had her for three years now and travelled all over Scotland on various climbing trips and weekends away, however life happens (not kids thanks goodness!!), I need something with back seats and there’s no way I can justify/afford a car AND a van. I’d planned to run her to the scrap heap-many years off, but it’s time to say goodbye! Effing mortified doesn’t quite cover it….

I’m hoping it will be looked after as it’s ready for someone to convert so I’ll just make a list of the good/bad points.


Extensive mechanical work in the last 3 years. Namely a new clutch and reconditioning of the gearbox in April 2017.

MOT until Jan 2021, quite a bit of work done including replacing the passenger side sill.

Insulated with wool, closed cell foam and covered with navy automotive carpet-pictures available

Treated, waterproof hardwood ply floor with nicer laminate than my kitchen- pictures available.

Full set of Michelin Crossclimate all season tyres.

Upgraded Phillips Xtreme H4 headlight bulbs (they are amazing)

Driven regularly until last week when I bought the replacement (It’s just not the same….), Supermarket Diesel avoided like a Coronavirus baguette and mostly used for long runs since 2017.

It’s a small van but at just over 6ft I have never had a problem sleeping it.

Punchy little diesel engine, I don’t have a figure for fuel economy but it’s never felt expensive or thirsty!


Just over 99k on the clock. Not unreasonable for the age though.

It’s a 12-year-old Ford so obviously the engine management light is on and has been for 2.5 years. Has been investigated multiple times and my mechanic puts it down to the EGR valve however emissions always come back fine come MOT time.

Will need a new set of rear tyres before too long. Luckily, having teeny-tiny steel rims tyres are cheap as chips.

Passenger side carpeting is a bit untidy if you look very closely. Included in the sale is a roll of the exact same carpet and a few cans of adhesive should the buyer wish to sort this.

The buyer may need to deal with a 31-year old man in tears as they drive my baby away. I’ve forgotten my girlfriend’s name just thinking about saying goodbye to the tranny van…..

Finally: I have custom made, fully designed to be removable day van style furniture that slides out to a double bed. Designing and building this took more time and work than the rest of the conversion combined. I am willing to sell this but it would need to be a very good offer just for the sheer amount of time that went into it (including my mum who did the upholstery!).

Unfortunately, due to my shifts viewings will be difficult until 09/03. Plenty of pictures available so by all means message me. Offers considered of course!

Cragster 04 Mar 2020
In reply to peppermill:

Hello,  Do have a price and more photos?

peppermill 04 Mar 2020
In reply to Cragster:

Of course! Price is in the OP and I'll send some pics! UKC would only let me post the one........

peppermill 04 Mar 2020
In reply to peppermill:

Edit to add. I forgot to say the van is in Glasgow.

L Ginger_squirrel 07 Mar 2020
In reply to peppermill:


I would like to start by saying that I am really sorry that you have to sell your van ☹️ 

However, I do really like your little connect and I am very interested in buying it if it's still available.. 

I will take it on some great trips and look after it like it's my child 😊 

It is possible for you to send some more pictures please and let me know any MOT advisors that may need repairing next year?

Thank you so much

Steph 🤸‍♀️+ 🚐 << me really happy with my new connect 😁

peppermill 08 Mar 2020
In reply to Ginger_squirrel:


PM me your email address and I'll send you more details!

L Ginger_squirrel 09 Mar 2020
In reply to peppermill:

It's gingersquirrel.sj@gmail.com 😁

Thank you

HCWind 14 Mar 2020
In reply to peppermill:


If this isnt sold is it possible to see more pictures?


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