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owenrichsamuel - on 01 Nov 2012

Free Workshops and Lectures by the BMG at Kendal

Free Ropework Workshops

Saturday 10am at the Lakeland Climbing Centre Kendal
Owain Jones, Andy Nelson and Mike'Twid'Turner will be running three short workshops at the Kendal wall. The idea of the workshops is to offer advice and basic skills essential for climbing in the Alps. Each 30 minute session will have demos and allow open discussion about the use and context of each of the skills. Bring yourself along and some climbing gear and have a go.If you wish to stay on afterwards the Kendal Wall is making a discount to climbers for standard entry. Sessions will include:
• Crevasse rescue
• Prussiking out of a crevasse
• Roping up on a glacier or Alpine Ridge
Basic technical equipment to move safely on a glacier includes: harness; 2 prussik loops; long sling(x2); 5 screwgate karabiners; 1 or 2 ice screws; pulley. Optional ropeman, tibloc, mini traction.

Free Mountaineering Lecture

Sunday 1.30pm The Box
British Mountain Guides are part of the bigger International Association IFMGA. They are a small group of highly qualified motivated Professional Mountaineers who provide quality training and Guiding across the world's mountain ranges. The three short lectures are designed to show the wealth of experience of Mountain Guides and what they get up at work and at play. Come along and be entertained, gain some ideas and ask plenty of questions.

Rock Climbing, Big Walls and Expeditions by Mike 'Twid' Turner
Rock climbing around the UK and worldwide. The talk will mention how to make your first climb, first lead, plan a rock trip. Classic Mountain and sea cliffs climbs as well as some of Twids Big rock and Big Wall Expeditions to Morocco, Mali, Venezuela, Patagonia etc.

Winter snow, ice and mixed in the Scottish Winter by Andy Nelson
"Andy will show some pictures of Scottish Winter Climbing to give an insight into what British Mountain Guides can offer and give a flavour of the winter climbing game, from of classic gullies to modern snowed up rock buttress routes."

Introduction to Alpine Mountaineering by Owain Jones
The talk is intended to provide top tips and ideas for anyone who wants to make the step from the UK mountains and crags to those of the alpine ranges of the Western Alps. Relevant to beginners and for those with some alpine experience seeking new challenges. Where to go and what to do relevant to your ability and aspirations.

In a nutshell a pocket guide to Alpinism in 20 minutes with the opportunity for questions and answers afterwards. Bring a notebook!

Information Point -The British Mountain Guides Stall
The British Mountain Guides have a stall in the tent. Guides will be available all weekend to answer any questions. Come along and quiz a Guide about:
• How do I start Alpine Climbing?
• How do I hire a Guide?
• Ideas on Mountain Ranges to visit?

More info at:

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