/ Gobi Desert 1000 Mile Journey Expedition on Foot

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1000MileJourneys on 22 Jul 2013 -

If you have a couple of months spare and also a chunk of cash or can raise it and fancy something challenging ( double speak for painful, uncomfortable and a bit dangerous) we are looking for 8-12 inspired ( double speak for daft) enough individuals to attempt to cross the Gobi Desert and Mongolia on foot starting in May 2014.

It is a distance of 1136 miles and we aim to do in 50 days It gets a wee bit hot and the winds can introduce you to flying, the camels are all awkward without exception. A lot of locals are all seriously drunk on cheap Russian vodka and want to fight anyone who is over 6ft but we do not meet many due to extreme isolation. The maps are out of date Russian military ones and the wells are often bone dry.

Those taking part will be required to attend a weekend to a week team get together at out luxury mountain Finca in Spain. This is included in price ( except flights) we do this in order to ensure everyone gets on, is fit enough, and also to cover first aid training.

Now I have covered the off the good bits anyone wants to know the downsides just ask. Contact us at

stonemaster - on 24 Jul 2013
In reply to 1000MileJourneys: Seems to be in the spiritual footsteps of Wilfred Thesiger? Nutters.... Off to beg permission from her indoors. Good luck.
1000MileJourneys on 24 Jul 2013 -
In reply to stonemaster: In my experience begging permission from her indoors is always doomed to failure. Much better to approach such a daunting task with a positive message such as.

"Darling I have found a new way to lose some weight and it really is guaranteed to work"


"Darling remember last week when you told me to F-- Off and lose myself? Well "


" Darling you know when we were in Spain on holiday and you said I looked great with a suntan? Well"

If all fails then yes resort to begging although bribing normally also works.
stonemaster - on 25 Jul 2013
In reply to 1000MileJourneys: Option 4 it is then
1906johns - on 09 Aug 2013
In reply to 1000MileJourneys: would love to - if it was cheaper. Reminded me of my army days
1000MileJourneys on 16 Aug 2013 -
In reply to 1906johns:

High not cheap but compare the value against many who charge the same this for 2-4 weeks this is 8 weeks plus a week training in spain thrown in.

Got a few ex army lads coming on this one.

Arbu - on 18 Aug 2013
Am happy to conclude that I don't have (to quote from your website) "the ambition or drive to apply [myself] to this journey". Too much walking for my tastes. But best of luck. Is it something about having been in the army that drives people to do this sort of trip?
1000MileJourneys on 23 Aug 2013 -
In reply to Arbu:

Not for everyone that is for sure. The majority who apply for these trips have no military background so I would not say do. However, a % of ex military myself included do make our living in the outdoors when we come out as next best thing.

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