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Jerry Gore - on 30 Jul 2012
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My name is Jerry Gore and I am a 51 yr old insulin-dependent diabetic dad. Together with Twid Turner and Gaz Parry I am going to attempt three of the Alps’ toughest routes this August and I want you to support me by donating to a cause I am 100% committed to.
The routes
Divine Providence on Mont Blanc – 1000m., highest and hardest climb in Europe - Fr.7c at 4,000m.
The Fish, S. Face of the Marmolada – Dolomites – 1000m. of E4-E6 trad climbing
La Vida Es Silbar, N. Face of the Eiger – 900m., Fr.7c – 25 pitches, average grade Fr.6c+
Less than 20 climbers in the World have done all three routes. No Brit has to date. I have been training for two years for this. Injecting myself up to 8 times a day to get the insulin I need has been the easy part!
The cause
10 Nepalese children with diabetes registered at Patan Hospital, Central Nepal, who can’t afford insulin and who without it will die this year. If I can get just 1,000 climbers to contribute £10 in total, or £3 for each climb, the money raised will buy enough insulin to give back to these young people their lives and their hope. Since my diagnosis as a diabetic in 2001 it has taken me most of the intervening 10 years to master this complicated condition involving up to 8 insulin injections and 6 blood sugar tests daily, weighing all my carbohydrates, and severe night time hypos that have reduced my family to tears on many occasions. Plus I need many expensive pieces of diabetic equipment totalling €6,000. Imagine what it is like living in a Third World Country where day to day survival is difficult, let alone dealing with something like Diabetes!
The charity
Insulin for Life (IFL) is a not-for-profit global organisation based in Australia ( that donates life-saving insulin to countries in need. In Nepal insulin is unsubsidized, and so unaffordable. Many adults and children die as a result. However in most first world countries there is a lot of excess stock which IFL relies on, receiving donated insulin that would otherwise be destroyed. The charity is run largely by volunteers, with low operating costs. Handling and transportation costs are paid for by donations or sponsors. By keeping costs low IFL has saved thousands of lives since it was founded it 1984.
Please donate now and mail your friends. You can send money by credit card using PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account. You can donate via my Facebook page:
Or donate direct via the IFL website:
In the box marked Insulin For Life: Nepal Project”, select the amount you want to donate from £5 upwards, then press “Give”.
IFL financial accounts are independently audited in compliance with Australian Law.
I hope to start the climbs at the beginning of August. If you would like to follow the challenge and sponsor me after each climb, or learn about the people you are helping, you can read my weekly reports on either of these links:

Thank you for your support. My Nepalese friends and I are really going to need it!
Jerry Gore
trouserburp - on 30 Jul 2012
In reply to Jerry Gore:

Good luck Jerry. A very worthy cause and that's the biggest challenge I'm ever likely to sponsor!
In reply to Jerry Gore:

I hope you can raise the money and complete your challenge Jerry.

I've done my bit but if you ever fancy giving a talk about the challenge when your next in the UK, please give me a shout and we'll raise a few more pounds.

Dave D.
Simon Rackley - on 02 Aug 2012
In reply to Jerry Gore: From a fellow type 1 diabetic this guy is a legend so please sponser him.
Palmer - on 04 Aug 2012
In reply to Jerry Gore:
Good luck and Enjoy your trip from a fellow type 1.
Jerry Gore - on 06 Aug 2012
In reply to Dave Douglas: Awesome Walls: Hi Dave. Thanks so much for your support. I will be at Kendal Film Festival this autumn and really want to do some lectures so can you send me some possible dates around this time and I will see what I can organise. Send it to ""
Many thanks
Jerry Gore - on 06 Aug 2012
In reply to Simon Rackley: Thanks for your support Simon. Just done my last trg route - Mitchka on S. Face of La Meije. Epic! Got a week to sort body, gear and work, then hopefully Gaz and I will be heading out on the first Big One! Check out the details on my FB page:
Please tell all your friends. We have raised £1545 but still have a long way to go.
Cheers, Jerry Gore

Jerry Gore - on 06 Aug 2012
In reply to Palmer: Hiya. Many thanks for your support. Happy jabbing and please check out my FB page for latest details:
Jerry Gore
Jerry Gore - on 24 Aug 2012
In reply to Jerry Gore: Just completed my first climb - Divine Providence - on Mt Blanc with Dave Gladwin. Check out the story "A close run thing" here:

Please support this challenge - we have raised £2,500 so far but are only a quarter of the way there. If you think it's a worthy challenge for a 52 yr old Brit to climb three of the Alps' hardest routes please support it!
Many thanks, Jerry Gore.
P.S. It's knocking the hell out of me that is for sure!
Greenbanks - on 30 Aug 2012
In reply to Jerry Gore:

My dosh is incoming via your link. Well done - a great effort for a great cause

Jerry Gore - on 14 Sep 2012
In reply to Greenbanks: I have just completed the second climb on the Eiger. Check it out here:

Please tell all your friends to donate. We have a long way to go.
Hopefully The Fish next week!
Many thanks
Jerry Gore

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