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Kilter Board Comes to Awesome Walls Sheffield

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The Awesome Kilter Board

The cutting edge, fully adjustable, interactive Kilter Board is simply put, Awesome!

Taking their inspiration from the classic climbing training boards of old, the Kilter team have crafted a modern, effective climbing training tool that sets itself ahead of the rest due to some key innovations:

Hold Variety - Kilter Board’s broad hold range allows for a huge variety of climbing styles and moves

Clarity - With each hold lighting up to clearly indicate unique problems you won’t struggle to spot that next crucial hold

Specificity - Unlike many training boards, the Kilter Board allows the user to specify footholds and handholds with different colours - helping users to unlock complex sequences and set training replicas of their current projects

Changeable Board Angle - that's right! The Kilter Board can be set to angles between 30 and 70 degrees overhanging ensuring both accessibility to intermediate climbers and sufficient challenge for elite level crushers… Awesome!

Endless Inspiration - with a free app that provides access to tens of thousands of established Kilter Board problems and a direct channel to a growing worldwide community of board users, you won’t find yourself stuck for something to climb!

Here at Awesome Walls Sheffield, National Performance Centre, we are proud to announce the addition of the Kilter Board to our new training area as part of our ongoing facility improvements. Climb, train, enjoy and tell us what you think!

Dave Douglas & The Awesome Team



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